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This Cheating Wife Gets Owned By Sisters

These sisters were at an Atlanta Braves baseball game when they saw a woman texting a man named Mark Allan on her phone.

His name was under Nancy. The two sisters decided to even tweet the whole thing online and went as far to notify her husband that she was being indiscrete about the whole thing. She was obviously cheating on her husband and these two eagle-eyed sisters caught it!

They posted pictures on social media on this lady sexting someone other than her husband.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

Her husband was sitting right next to her watching the game while this was going on.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

“I will be naked… laying on the ground”

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

“Mark Allen I love…much,” reads her next message.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

The paper reads: “Your wife is cheating on you. Look at the messages under Nancy! It’s really a man named Mark Allen. There is pictures on my phone if she deletes the messages. (her phone #) Sorry, just thought you should know!”

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

They handed him the note after the game and he gave them a thumbs up. He did send them a text asking for the photos. “After I sent him the pictures we didn’t talk, I don’t think he’s confronted her yet. I want to ask him but it’s not my place.”

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld

The sisters, Brynn and Delana Hinson.

Image Credit: ebaumsworld
Image Credit: ebaumsworld
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Jealous Boyfriend Texts Girlfriend’s Coworker And Instantly Regrets It

When jealousy sets in you can do some really stupid things without even thinking about them.

That’s what happened to this guy who thought that his girlfriend was cheating on him just because he saw the she was sending texts to the guy. What he didn’t know was that this was her co-worker and that nothing was going on. He realises this after he makes himself look like a fool!

Here he goes with the jealousy text:

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

Here he gets put into place by his girlfriend’s co-worker.

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

He never expected that one!

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

And he still won’t stop!

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur
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Guy Responds To Cheating Ex

When you cheat on your partner, you are pretty much cutting all ties to them.

You are consciously dismissing their needs, feelings and worth and selfishly succumbing to temptation. Does that relinquish any rights you have to demand something from them? Yes, yes it does.

This guy doesn’t really give the best explanation of what it’s like to be cheated on, or the most pleasant, but I think this girl deserved every word.

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Image Source

After Coming Home To Catch Her Husband Cheating, He Says This

OK I have to admit, the first time I read this, it took me a few minutes to get it. Call me ditsy, call my whatever but it is pretty darn funny so I decided to share it here with you guys.

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Boyfriend Who Was Caught Cheating Gets Confronted By His 3 Girlfriends

The girlfriends that found out about this guy cheating on them through Facebook somehow – chased Charlie Fisher out of the airport after coming back from a vacation and then was rescued by his grandparent.

Rumbled: The girls (pictured at the airport) said Fisher (right) was left speechless

This guy got was coming to him when he was confronted by his 3 girlfriends at an airport as he returned from his holiday vacation.

As the girls found him they yelled “liar, liar, liar” as he came through the arrival area at Luton Airport and then chasing him out of the building.

Luckily for Charlie there was a car waiting for him and he jumped in quickly and made his escape.

Charlie got caught because of his carelessness to leave a text on his phone from another girlfriend right before going to Germany for the holiday. She proceeded to call the number.

Becky, Lizzie and un-named girl in selfie taken at the airport.
Waiting: Becky, Lizzie and the unnamed girl in selfie taken at the airport

One of the girls did not want to be named (probably to avoid the embarrassment) and Becky – unraveled Charlie’s third mistress on Facebook. She was a barmaid of 19 years old, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham.

Lizzie who is from Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, reported: “I just wanted to see his face when all three of us were in the same place.”

Becky said: “He came out and froze. We started calling him a cheat and a liar really loudly.”

They caused a huge Twitter storm after posting a photo saying:”Just been at the airport to meet my cheating boyfriend with the two other girls he was seeing.”

So far the post has been seen by 20k people!

In an explanation of why she exposed Charlie, Beck Said: “It’s not the 16th century anymore, the age of men being superior to women, that is why I think he deserved to be exposed.”


The Best Revenge for Cheating

When someone chooses to betray your trust and humiliate you by cheating, there could be a number of reasons as to why. But who cares?! There is not one reason on this planet that excuses the behaviour of a cheat. Every person is responsible for their own actions and they will have to deal with the consequences. So after the devastating news has set in, there are two questions to consider;

1. Why did they cheat?
2. What am I going to do about it

The answer to the first question is obvious and it’s always the same; A person chooses to cheat because they do not have enough love and respect for their partner. The answer to the first question can help us re-phrase the second question; how can you get back at someone that doesn’t truly care about you? So the answer to that question is… Don’t do anything. Don’t waste your time and energy on someone that doesn’t care enough about you to treat you with respect. Get as far away from that person as possible without bothering to explain how you feel. Because even if you told them, they wouldn’t really care.

See ya!

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You Can’t Trust Anyone!

I am a 28 year old girl who has been in and aware of adult relationships for about 10 years. I have got to the point where hearing the news that one of my friends has been cheated on or is cheating on someone, is no longer shocking. Its not the company I keep, when I say FaceAngryfriends I mean close friends, acquaintances, colleagues, friends of friends, family friends etc. As far as I know, I have never been cheated on, however I wouldn’t assume for a second that nobody has gone behind my back before. A lot of cheating is going on, all the time. People are talking about it all the time. And THIS is only the cheating we know about. Its everywhere!


Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cos everybody gettin’ cheated on up in here!

NOTE: Below is a picture that I found quite interesting…



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Response to ‘I Caught him Sexting’

Response to ‘I Caught him Sexting’ on

Here’s the post:

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. The past two years have been awesome up untill yesterday. Some girl called him early in the morning and the phone woke me up. It was a girl’s name…Weird I thought, then I laid back down.

But the more I thought about it, It bothered me so much I had to look thru his phone. And when I did, I saw a multitude of graphic pics of all these girls!!! I was so shocked, the whole time we’ve been together, I NEVER looked thru his phone, I just thought I could trust him so I didnt have to. I was so wrong. He says he never slept with any of them and he chatted with them on myspace.


I dont trust him anymore so I dont know what to believe. He apologized profusely, and I believe he was sincere..I just dont know if I can ever get past it. He has since thrown the old phone away and bought a new phone with a new number and promised to never do anything like this again. He is the love of my life and I feel like he isnt the person I thought i knew. He has begged me not to leave him for this, to give him a chance to prove that he can be the completely faithfull man I deserve.

Should I give him a chance? Or Should I just leave?

WOW! What a shock! Just goes to prove my theory that you can’t trust anyone these days!


Now then, if your boyfriends is doing something on a regular basis, he is well aware of the choice he’s making and the fact you didn’t know about it means he knows it’s wrong.  So when he’s ‘apologising profusely’ is he all of a sudden REALLY sorry for all the choices he’s been making or is he crapping his pants now he’s been found out? It’s the later! Yea he didn’t really want you to get hurt but he took that risk anyway so he can’t have been that bothered.  This lying little pig was ‘having his cake and eating it’ and he’s been caught out! By the way, well done you for going with your gut and getting to the bottom of it all!

I’m sorry to say, even if you don’t end it right now, the relationship’s over now that the trust is gone. One thing you could keep though, is your self respect by getting rid of him and moving on asap.

I’ve never met a girl who wasn’t better than this type of betrayal,  I wish you luck x


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Should he Give you Access to His Phone?

People have the right to their own privacy, they should be able to go to the bathroom in peace for example. But when you get in a relationship some things become less private and even shared.  You have to share a bed, share bills, responsibilities, chores, cheesecake and a lot more. And it’s because you have chosen to enter into a partnership. Depending on how serious the relationship is, sometimes you will even have a joint bank account.


So WHY WHY WHY do some men INSIST on keeping the information on their phones private? Well let’s have a think, what information is held on a mobile phone?

1. Phone numbers

2. Messages (text or email)

3. Internet history

A phone is 90% about having contact with other people so if someone in a relationship likes to keep that information private, I say they’re having contact they don’t want you to know about!


There is a chance that out of embarrassment they don’t want you to check their internet history. Or beat their high score on Bejewelled. But it’s more probable that they have had contact with someone they ‘shouldn’t’.

They shouldn’t could be because they know it’s wrong or it could be because they know it’s NOT wrong but YOU will think  its wrong and it will start an argument if you find out.

However, if he thinks you’d flip out about the conversations he’s having / who he’s having them with, either you’re too controlling or he knows deep down what he’s doing is disrespectful.

If your man is uncomfortable with you using his phone to browse the internet, contact people or play on the games, then the reason could be he’s worried about what you might find on there.

I wouldn’t ask a man to see his phone for no good reason, but if I had one and I did ask, I would expect to be given permission to use it. If a guy refuses to give you permission to use his phone explain to him that he’s acting suspiciously and it’s making you uncomfortable. He’s going to tell you you have no right to his phone and he just ‘doesn’t like anyone going on his phone’.and it’s up to you to either trust him or get the hell out of a relationship with a man who keeps secrets.

Tip: Don’t share your bed with a man who won’t share his phone with you.


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Become a Human Lie Detector

Liar Liar Pant’s on Fire! When you find out you’ve been lied to you it can take a while to sink in. Denial usually kicks in first and you will go through a host of emotions before you eventually end up angry with YOURSELF for ever believing the lie in the first place! That is, of course, if it’s all come out of the blue. Sometimes you can kinda know someone’s lying but it slowly dawns on you over time as you put the pieces together. You will also experience denial for a while and end up angry. With yourself.


Why should YOU have to feel this way when the other person is the douche-bag?

I’m going to give you some tips that you can use to detect lies to make save you some heartache in future. First of all, there is no single behaviour that indicates lying. You will need to watch the person in question and consider the context they are in also. Remember, just because someone shows some of the signs below doesn’t automatically mean they’re a liar. I think (as a woman) our gut feeling will confirm it in the end.

Find out their giveaways!

When someone is uncomfortable (because they’re a god damn liar and think they might get caught out!) the key to detecting deception is to recognize when people are uncomfortable. People who are nervous or uncomfortable do things without realising to make themselves feel better, things like this;

  • Face touching
  • Rubbing the back of the neck
  • Lip pursing
  • Hair stroking
  • Playing with jewellery
  • Covering the neck dimple (usually seen with women)
  • Eye blocking- closing eyes tightly or even covering eyes with hands
  • Rubbing palms on legs
  • Hand wringing

You’ve got to work out the suspects give-aways before challenging them out right about the evidence you have on them.

Get the traitor to relax

After you’ve figured out the person’s give-away gestures, get the bastard relaxed and comfortable with you. Make a bit of small talk. Watch their body language. They’ll lean in closer to you, they’ll open up their suit coat, they won’t have folded arms, and their feet might be bouncing underneath the table. Once you know they’re relaxed approach the topic on your mind gently, just a bit at a time, not in an accusing manner. Does their body language change? If so, note if they’re starting to do the gestures thats show they’re uncomfortable.


Be specific, not suspicious

Most people think that knowing the signs of deception is the only skill you need to sniff out a liar. Knowing the signs is necessary, but not sufficient; knowing what questions to ask and how to ask them is another vital skill to uncovering a fibber.

First, ensure that when you ask questions, you so do in a cool, detached, and non-judgmental way. If you go at a person NYPD Blue style, you’re bound to taint the subject; even an innocent person will act nervous if they’re accused of lying or feel pushed into a corner. So be nonchalant about the whole thing. You might even be surprised what comes out of a person’s mouth when they think you’re not suspicious of them.

What questions you should ask mostly depends on the context of the subject, but generally, the more specific your questions, the better. Vague questions will get you vague, unhelpful responses.

Look for Other Signs of Deception

Keep your eye out for other signs of a liar!

Synchrony. When deciphering truth from lie, watching for synchrony is key. Synchrony is the proper alignment of what is said verbally and nonverbally, between events and emotions, and between the circumstances of the moment and what is being said.  For example, you normally expect a parent whose child is missing to be hysterical, begging for the police to get out there and find their baby. If a parent seems detached and aloof, something’s probably up.

Synchrony should also be present in the way a person moves their head. If a person’s head begins to shake either in the affirmative or in the negative as he speaks, and the movement occurs simultaneously with what he says, then you can typically rely on the veracity of the statement. However, if he does the head shake after he makes the statement, the statement is most likely false. You might even notice a person verbally saying “yes,” but shaking their head “no.” If what they say from their mouth doesn’t match with what their body says, you have a liar on your hands.

Little or no movement. Ever notice how animals will freeze when a predator is near? This instinctual behavior actually serves a survival benefit; it’s hard for predators to see something if it’s not moving. Well, humans do the same thing during moments of distress. When people lie, they tend to keep their body very still. The imminent danger in this case is getting caught lying. So our lizard brain will tell our body not to move, because maybe, just maybe, if we stay still, the other person won’t see that we’re lying. Got a friend who’s pulling a possum? Dude might be lying.

Lack of emphasis. When we speak, we naturally give emphasis both verbally and non-verbally to what we say. Hand gestures, inflections, and head movements accentuate our words. However, most of this happens unconsciously. When our limbic brain backs up what we’re saying, we’ll unconsciously use body language to  emphasize it. When our unconscious braindoesn’t back up what we’re saying, those emphasizing gestures will not be present. An innocent person accused of murder will probably pound their fist and yell, “I didn’t do it!” You probably won’t see that with a person who actually committed the crime (despite the show you see the guilty put on on Law & Order).

Are their palms up? One interesting hand gesture that individuals who lie tend to use is the rogatory position, or speaking with their palms faced up. People tend to do this when they want you to believe what they’re saying. It’s like supplicating in prayer. People who tell the truth don’t need to ask to be believed, so they won’t take on the rogatory position, and their palms will be facing down.

Check eye direction. When people concentrate on something visual, they tend to look upwards. If they look up and to their right, it means they’re concentrating on something visual that they’re remembering from their past. If they look up and to their left, it means they’re focusing on something they’ve created in their minds. So if the person you’re talking with looks up and to the left as they recollect what happened, they may be making up the story right there on the spot. Although you’d think they’d turn and look down and behind, since that’s where they’re pulling things out of.

Note: Remember that eye directions are based on the subject’s right and left. So when you’re watching them, when they look right it will look like they’re looking to your left, and when they look left, it will appear from your perspective that they’re looking right.

What to do with your findings

If you’ve got a bit of evidence and the suspects body language is letting you know they’re a little liar then go with your heart and make a decision. Have they lied to you or not? You can’t live your life not being sure. Either trust them, be with them and don’t bring the subject up again or decide they’re a liar and the only decison left it how to leave them.

See this post to find out the best kind of revenge…