Every female has fallen for a “bad boy”. If the man of your dreams makes a pass at you when you know he is in a relationship, how much are you to blame for his unfaithful behaviour? Lets say you have never met the girl. Is it your problem? Should you have loyalty to a stranger? Would she still be being cheated on whether or not it was with you or someone else? It wasn’t you that promised to commit to her and stay faithful so why should you feel a moral obligation to turn down a chance with this man?


Some people say that women should stick together. Some people say “how would you like it if someone did it to you? The truth is if women were that loyal to one another, the fact that he wants to cheat is bad enough so maybe there is no point in sticking together when the guy is a douche anyway.

Plenty of women have been in the situation when they have been with a man knowing that the man is with someone else. Everybody makes mistakes and there is a variety of reasons why women put themselves in this situation, most of all lack of self worth. Its difficult to decide whether or not this behaviour is right or wrong.

But lets take this scenario a step further. It wouldn’t be uncommon for the cheating asshole to get bored and return to his original girlfriend. New dilemma : What do you do?

Is it too late for your female loyalty to kick in and let her know what a worthless piece of crap her boyfriend really is? Can you justify breaking the news to her or would spilling the beans just be a last attempt at getting back at the man who used and abused you?