Since starting my blog I’ve had quite a few comments (from men) who are concerned that I’m all about dissing men. That’s not quite true…

Girl Thinking

The aim of my blog is to help girls who have been used and abused, treated like s#@t and had their confidence taken away. I’m not saying its ONLY men that can do that. But in my experience when a girls upset it’s either;

a) nasty, jealous women making life difficult (which I will be posting about in future)

b) horrible, selfish men messing them about

USUALLY it’s the second one! I can’t help that life is like that for a lot of girls. Out of all the relationships that I’ve had, my sisters have had, my female friends and colleagues have had, 90% of them have ended badly because the male involved hasn’t treated their girl well enough!

I hear stories day in, day out and it’s the same old, same old;

  • A man’s not replying to messages,
  • a man’s lying about who he’s been talking to/where he’s been,
  • a man’s cheated,
  • a man’s putting his woman down,
  • a man’s not making any time for his relationship
  • etcetera, etcetera

LAZY, SELFISH, NASTY men! Taking advantage of my friends, my family, my colleagues! I know its not EVERY man, but it’s A LOT of them.

Right now I’m engaged to the NICEST man I know. So I don’t hate men. But I do find that A LOT of them can put girls through more than they realise and it affects these girls for a lot longer than they can imagine.


Not ALL men are bad, but there are a lot of bad guys out there and any girl who’s dealing with the problems listed above should have somewhere to turn to, to get support from

another girl who’s been there, done that and got the stinking t-shirt!