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Men React to Their Girlfriends Getting Catcalled Their Reaction Is Priceless

Guys are always protective of their ladies, it’s just the noble thing to do.

But what happens when we aren’t around and she is out there by herself? What would your reaction be to random guys trying to hit on her? Watch this and let us know what you think.

Watch the video here:


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Jealous Boyfriend Texts Girlfriend’s Coworker And Instantly Regrets It

When jealousy sets in you can do some really stupid things without even thinking about them.

That’s what happened to this guy who thought that his girlfriend was cheating on him just because he saw the she was sending texts to the guy. What he didn’t know was that this was her co-worker and that nothing was going on. He realises this after he makes himself look like a fool!

Here he goes with the jealousy text:

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

Here he gets put into place by his girlfriend’s co-worker.

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

He never expected that one!

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur

And he still won’t stop!

Image Credit: Imgur
Image Credit: Imgur
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Letter From Newly Married Girl to Her Mom

Growing up, most girls spend time playing with their friends and learning new things about life every day. At a young age, the whole prospect of one day finding a man couldn’t be further from their mind. Friendships and family are usually the main focus. That is until they get a little older and start thinking about finding a man. It is at this stage that things can get complicated.

After they find a good man and maybe even get married, life changes in a big way.

The following letter was posted onto Facebook and shared by thousands of people. After reading through it, I can see why.


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When Women Decide To Be Honest On The First Date. LMAO

OK, This video is just absolutely hilarious. Have you ever wondering if she was honest to you on your first date? Chances are that she probably wasn’t in the slightest bit. Ladies have you ever been brutally honest on a first date? Maybe some of you have but I am betting that a huge majority of you have not been truly honest.

If I would have known that you were this hot I would have shaved my legs!

Lol… That one just makes me laugh. Watch as these ladies are brutally honest with these first dates.

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11 things guys don’t know girls do before a date

She’ll turn up to a date looking like butter wouldn’t melt, little does he know the preparation that’s gone into her looking beautiful and easy breezy.


1. Call at least 2 friends.

As soon as the date is set, she’ll phone at least 2 friends to analyse the whole lead up. They will be over the moon for her and possible be jumping up on down on the other end of the phone. They will discuss the outfit options and pals will give advice on how to behave.


2. Organise a get-out plan.

She will organise a code with a friend that will help her get off of the date if she feels uncomfortable. It could be an emergency phone call/text or she could even signal through the use of her mobile phone that it’s time for all her girls to show up.


3. Bleaching her moustache

Unless she is a natural blonde, she may have to get some bleach on her top lip. This is totally normal but at the same time, it’s not something that he want to see if he arrives early to pick her up. She has to be very careful with this operation as leaving the bleach on too long can give her a glowing, red moustache to wear for the date.


4. Grooming – down there

This is JUST IN CASE. She won’t be out on date with you with the intention of inviting you back for a ‘coffee’. But girls believe in true love, if the date is like a fairytale and the pair instantly fall in love, then why wait?


5. Restricting food

Plenty of girls feel they could do without a couple of pounds or so, so on a lead up to a date, particularly the day before, she may eat less than usual to keep a flat stomach so she can feel great in a certain dress.


6. Try on an array of outfits

She probably looks great in all of them, but she wants to get it right. Pair the shows with the dress, then pair the outfit with a bag. But do the shoes and bags match? If not, start again.


7. Over use deodorant and perfume

Girls ALWAYS smell good, but on a date they smell even better as they chose to use more of their expensive products than usual (and sometimes necessary). Smelling good is one less thing for her to have to worry about.


8. Floss

This isn’t a daily routine for most people, but when there’s a chance of kissing, she’s going to make sure nothing goes wrong there. Upping oral hygiene is only polite.


9. Go quiet on Facebook

She is not going to write on Facebook about how excited she is for the date. Just incase you don’t enjoy it and she’s published her unrequited feelings online for everyone to see.


10. Practice her ‘hiya’ smile in the mirror.

She want’s to see what you’ll see when you first greet each other so she will practice it in the mirror several times until she’s got it right. Friendly but not eager, relaxed but not rude, flirty but not slutty, charming and not too shy.


11. Pack her bag

She will bring a packet of tissues incase the venue has ran out of toilet paper. A little perfume so she can top up her scent later on. A little bit of make up for touching up (over time make up can fade a little). Her fully charged phone for emergencies. And enough money to cover whatever she wants and for a taxi out of there if necessary.

how now to pack for BEA

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You Can’t Trust Anyone!

I am a 28 year old girl who has been in and aware of adult relationships for about 10 years. I have got to the point where hearing the news that one of my friends has been cheated on or is cheating on someone, is no longer shocking. Its not the company I keep, when I say FaceAngryfriends I mean close friends, acquaintances, colleagues, friends of friends, family friends etc. As far as I know, I have never been cheated on, however I wouldn’t assume for a second that nobody has gone behind my back before. A lot of cheating is going on, all the time. People are talking about it all the time. And THIS is only the cheating we know about. Its everywhere!


Hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cos everybody gettin’ cheated on up in here!

NOTE: Below is a picture that I found quite interesting…



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Should he be Speaking to Other Girls?

First of all, Please don’t take offence to the image below, it’s just a joke.

When I met my boyfriend he told me he didn’t really have any female friends. And that’s the way he’s kept it. If he didn’t know many girls when I met him, he’s certainly not going to be making them once we’re together. He obviously didn’t care much for female company before so now he has me for that, I’d find it odd if suddenly he wanted even more.

However if he did have some girl friends already, I’d find myself in a situation I wouldn’t be 100% comfortable with. The truth is, whether we like it or not, if a man’s got female friends when we meet him, we can’t stop him seeing them.

UNLESS he has EVER had ANY type of sexual relationship with them.

If a man has had a sexual relationship with his ‘friend’ then she ain’t ‘just a friend’. I don’t care how long ago it was or how brief the encounter, there was once a spark there and these sparks can’t reignite very easily.

In my experience men are friends with girls they fancy and girls are friends with men who fancy them. Men keep these girls close in case one day they get a chance and the girls enjoy being around men who give them a bit of an ego boost! I personally have never been friends with a man that I couldn’t have been with if I’d wanted to. I didn’t want to. But I always knew I could.

Don’t let yourself be disrespected by a man who has interest in other women. The spark between them could easily be ignited when the girl gets a little jealous of the attention you get and starts to do something about it…



Please don’t take offence to the image below, it’s just a joke xe0505


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Response to ‘I Caught him Sexting’

Response to ‘I Caught him Sexting’ on

Here’s the post:

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. The past two years have been awesome up untill yesterday. Some girl called him early in the morning and the phone woke me up. It was a girl’s name…Weird I thought, then I laid back down.

But the more I thought about it, It bothered me so much I had to look thru his phone. And when I did, I saw a multitude of graphic pics of all these girls!!! I was so shocked, the whole time we’ve been together, I NEVER looked thru his phone, I just thought I could trust him so I didnt have to. I was so wrong. He says he never slept with any of them and he chatted with them on myspace.


I dont trust him anymore so I dont know what to believe. He apologized profusely, and I believe he was sincere..I just dont know if I can ever get past it. He has since thrown the old phone away and bought a new phone with a new number and promised to never do anything like this again. He is the love of my life and I feel like he isnt the person I thought i knew. He has begged me not to leave him for this, to give him a chance to prove that he can be the completely faithfull man I deserve.

Should I give him a chance? Or Should I just leave?

WOW! What a shock! Just goes to prove my theory that you can’t trust anyone these days!


Now then, if your boyfriends is doing something on a regular basis, he is well aware of the choice he’s making and the fact you didn’t know about it means he knows it’s wrong.  So when he’s ‘apologising profusely’ is he all of a sudden REALLY sorry for all the choices he’s been making or is he crapping his pants now he’s been found out? It’s the later! Yea he didn’t really want you to get hurt but he took that risk anyway so he can’t have been that bothered.  This lying little pig was ‘having his cake and eating it’ and he’s been caught out! By the way, well done you for going with your gut and getting to the bottom of it all!

I’m sorry to say, even if you don’t end it right now, the relationship’s over now that the trust is gone. One thing you could keep though, is your self respect by getting rid of him and moving on asap.

I’ve never met a girl who wasn’t better than this type of betrayal,  I wish you luck x


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Should he Give you Access to His Phone?

People have the right to their own privacy, they should be able to go to the bathroom in peace for example. But when you get in a relationship some things become less private and even shared.  You have to share a bed, share bills, responsibilities, chores, cheesecake and a lot more. And it’s because you have chosen to enter into a partnership. Depending on how serious the relationship is, sometimes you will even have a joint bank account.


So WHY WHY WHY do some men INSIST on keeping the information on their phones private? Well let’s have a think, what information is held on a mobile phone?

1. Phone numbers

2. Messages (text or email)

3. Internet history

A phone is 90% about having contact with other people so if someone in a relationship likes to keep that information private, I say they’re having contact they don’t want you to know about!


There is a chance that out of embarrassment they don’t want you to check their internet history. Or beat their high score on Bejewelled. But it’s more probable that they have had contact with someone they ‘shouldn’t’.

They shouldn’t could be because they know it’s wrong or it could be because they know it’s NOT wrong but YOU will think  its wrong and it will start an argument if you find out.

However, if he thinks you’d flip out about the conversations he’s having / who he’s having them with, either you’re too controlling or he knows deep down what he’s doing is disrespectful.

If your man is uncomfortable with you using his phone to browse the internet, contact people or play on the games, then the reason could be he’s worried about what you might find on there.

I wouldn’t ask a man to see his phone for no good reason, but if I had one and I did ask, I would expect to be given permission to use it. If a guy refuses to give you permission to use his phone explain to him that he’s acting suspiciously and it’s making you uncomfortable. He’s going to tell you you have no right to his phone and he just ‘doesn’t like anyone going on his phone’.and it’s up to you to either trust him or get the hell out of a relationship with a man who keeps secrets.

Tip: Don’t share your bed with a man who won’t share his phone with you.


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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

My blog has only been going for 1 week and I’ve had far too many comments from men complaining that women get treated badly by ‘bad boys’ but don’t ever give the nice guys a chance! It’s totally true! But why is it that women choose the danger over security?

It’s simple, danger = excitement, security = boring! And we can’t help that this is the case!

Of course us girls would like to be attracted to nice guys but we just aren’t. A lot of us have gave it our best shot with a ‘nice guy’ but he’s ended up in the friend zone.

It must be nature because no matter how hard we try to go for the sensible option, we fall into the bad boys trap!

However, good guys shouldn’t lose hope! When a female has been with one too many bad boys, when she’s been messed about, cheated on, used and abused, or all of the above, she will eventually develop a new found respect for nice guys and learn to stay well away from trouble.

It takes a lot of mistakes for us to learn our lesson, but eventually we come round!

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