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Personality Test: What Colour Is Your Personality?

Colour is all around us every day in everything we do but when is the last time you actually stopped to think about what colours may mean?

If you go as far back as Egyptian times, colours have always been very important in worship and healing. Even in the current 21st century, it is thought that certain colour schemes in offices and working environments can effect the productivity of people. Even something as simple as the colour of your hair can change the way you feel about yourself and what others think about you.

The test below has been hugely popular this year as it can reveal what colour group you belong to and what that says about your personality.

All you need to do is answer the 12 simple colour related questions to discover your colour and what that means.

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Poachers Hunt Animals. This Woman Hunts The Poachers.

Poachers Hunt Animals. This Woman Hunts The Poachers.

Source – Facebook

The poaching of endangered animals such as rhino and elephants in Africa is still a very real problem. These poachers can make a fortune trading the tusks and horns from these magnificent animals. In recent times Rhino Horn has shot up in price and now commands the same price per kilo as gold.

These poachers need to be stopped before they make these wonderful animals extinct. Step in Kinessa Johnson.

Kinessa is a US Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. as a weapons instructor and diesel mechanic. She is now an anti-poaching advisor with “Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife” or VETPAW.

Source - 9news
Source – 9news

The goals of VETPAW are to provide meaningful employment to skilled post-9/11 US veterans and conserve critically endangered African species and their communities and ecosystems.

As VETPAW is a non profit organisation relying on donations to keep going, Kinessa took to social media to spread the awareness of this awesome cause. Now, more than 44,000 followers watch her progress via Instagram and Facebook.

Kinessa recently started a discussion on the Reddit ‘IamA…’ Q&A forum and the interest exploded with hundreds of people asking her questions.


Looking at some of the questions, she has clearly caught the eye of lots of admiring men.


Unfortunately for all these guys, she is spoken for so they just had to settle for admiring the work she does.


She risks her life every day saving the lives of these wonderful animals and as you can see below, she takes her work very seriously.

55143b46372c3 (1)


You can find out more about VETPAW on their website and if you want to see more of Kinessa, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Also some of the awesome modelling photos in this post are featured on the Facebook page of Photographer David Thorson

We give a big thumbs up to Kinessa and VETPAW. Great work.

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This Single Mom Couldn’t Afford Her Shopping. Just WATCH The Guy Behind Her

Have you have ever been to the store and after loading your basket with shopping, realised at the checkout you have forgotten your wallet? If you have you will know how embarrassing it can be. You don’t want people thinking you can’t afford it do you?

Well for some people this embarrassment can become very real when they are struggling to make ends meet with what little money / food stamps they have. The video below shows a number of scenarios in which an actor plays the part of a struggling young mother who cant afford her shopping.

It is very heartening to see the help she receives from total strangers.

It is nice to know there are still good people out there in the world.

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Guy Saves Baby Humming Bird From Attack. This Gorgeous Vid Followed

This video shows the beautiful story of a Humming Bird, saved from a vicious attack by a guy wanting to do the right thing. The bird can be seen slowly but surely gathering its strength as it eats from a tiny tube.

It eventually gathers enough strength back in it’s wings to fly while forming a bond with the loving human.

In response to a few concerns about the birds future, the guy in the video said: ‘For those that are concerned that she has imprinted on humans and wouldn’t survive in the wild, don’t worry, she is thriving. she has even successfully migrated and returned back to my yard.’

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Woman Orders a Burger King Burger But Receives A Big Bag Of Cash Instead


What would you do?

When Janelle Jones, a resident of Rochester, New Hampshire,was driving past a BK one day, she was feeling peckish so decided to pull into the drive through to order some food. It was around 4:30 in the afternoon at the time and Janelle went for a sweet tea and a Jr Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

After paying for the food, the cashier handed Janelle her the brown paper Burger King bag and she was on her way. Janelle decided to wait until she got home before tucking into her burger but when she did get home and open the package, she was in for a big surprise. Instead of a tasty treat in the bag, Janelle found a stack of cash. $2,631 to be precise.

According to Fox 6 Now, Janelle immediately sensed trouble and called up her husband Matthew Jones. His immediate advice was for them both to go back to the restaurant and do the right thing by handing the money back to them. After handing the money back, Jones did admit that it did cross his mind for a split second that they should keep the cash but he very quickly changed his mind.

The staff at the restaurant were all very happy to have the bag returned and a few of them were worried their jobs would have been on the line if the bag had not been returned.

The Burger King outlet manager later offered Janelle five free meals as a note of thanks. He said they have also talked to the corporate office to let them know about her honesty.

I wonder what you would do in the same situation. Keep the cash or do the right thing and return it?

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Your Sleeping Position Gives Away a Lot About Who You Are

We have already written about how you can tell whether or not someone is lying, just by reading their body language. You may have also read that your body language can reveal a lot about your personality. What you may not know though is that your body language also applies when you are fast asleep. People sleep in different positions, whether it be spread eagled in the middle of their bed or curled up in a little ball.

Below we have covered off the most common sleeping positions and what they mean and more importantly what they say about your personality.

Back Sleeper With Arms Crossed


Back Sleeper With Arms & Legs Spread


Side Sleeper Curled Up


Side Sleeper With One Knee Bended


Side Sleeper Lying on One Side



Side Sleeper Lying on One Arm



Tummy Sleeper Sleeping on The Stomach


Back Sleeper With Legs Crossed


Covered From Head to Toe



Curled up


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This Incredible Test Shows What The Shape of Your Nail Says About You

This incredible personality test shows what the shape of your nail says about you.

I have written a few posts on these kind of personality tests in the past, as they are usually pretty accurate. Don’t ask me why the shape of your nail can give away certain elements of your personality but according to the test below, it can. I have asked a few people and checked on my own nail shape and have to agree that the description seems pretty accurate.

It would be interesting to see if the test works for you. All you need to do is refer to the image below and select a shape of nail that most closely matches your first finger. Then refer to the write up below to find out what it means.




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9 Out Of 10 People Are Completely WRONG About This Mind-Blowing Fact

This video is pretty much self explanatory but just to give you a quick introduction, this is all about the wealth distribution in America. It shows a chart of where Americans think most of the money and wealth is distributed. Quite rightly most of the people asked think that the top 10 – 20% of earners hold the majority of the countries wealth with a nice steady curve going down to the least well off.

The video then shows you the truth which left me gob smacked!


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Pull Yourself Together!

Sometimes it’s difficult for the people around you to be honest with you. It can be because they don’t want to hurt you, they don’t think you can cope with the truth or because when they’ve tried to in the past, it didn’t quite work out the way they planned.

With all their good intentions, they just can’t tell you the words that someones got to tell you;

Pull yourself together!

Enough already! There’s only so much moping about people can take. If you’ve clicked on this post, its because on some level you can relate to it…. so what’s the problem? Why do you feel like this post could have been directed to you? Something’s going on, something bad and your stuck in a rut you just haven’t been able to get out of.


It might be a bad relationship,

It might be about poor self image,

It might be about weight loss,

It might be to do with your career,

Whatever it is, you wouldn’t have clicked on this post if somehow, deep down you didn’t know that you’ve got to pull yourself together.

Time to move on my friend. The first step for you is to write down the situation you’re in now and write down what situation you want to be in. Getting there is a lot easier than you think… but that’s The Secret. <<Click here!

P.S. I don’t get paid to advertise or promote products, The Secret is genuinely the best philosophy I’ve ever come across. Google it, amazon it, download it from a torrent site! Just GET it! It really will change your life!

x X x


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Strong Mind, Brave Heart

The advice I give is for women. I know, I know… “It’s not only men who cheat/lie/abuse” etc. Yeah, yeah that’s true. But I myself am a woman, so I speak to other women and I know how we feel. Men can take it this advice too if they like. But my advice is from one woman’s point of view to another.


I LOVE women. In my opinion, we’re the best! Women are beautiful creatures who are so sensitive they have the ability to read other people’s minds. Our sensitivity is a great thing. That’s why we’re the ones who get to carry a child inside us for 9 months! We get hardest job because in truth, WE are the stronger gender! Our sixth sense tells us when something’s not right, when someone is lying, when someone is upset and it is a great gift.

However our sensitivity can also cause some damage to ourselves. We give a second chance to liars, we try to help abusive partners and we blame ourselves when we’re cheated on.

Between the ages of about 15 – 30 women are still trying to work it all out. You really do need to kiss a lot of frogs and learn from your mistakes before you can find the right man for you. How are you going to know what you want without encountering the things that you don’t want? In these important years some people learn quickly and can be settled, happily married with a family by the time they get to thirty. Yey for them! But we do not all learn at the same pace.


Some people, and this includes myself, make the same mistake again and again and again. It gets embarrassing to the point that you can’t even be honest about it with your closest friends. It’s a very dark and lonely path to go down when you stop learning from your mistakes.


My aim is to help women who are stuck in a rut. Having the same problems day in, day out, with the same partner, different partners or with no partner at all. Do you feel like things will never change for you? That it’s just the way it’s meant to be or your just one of those people that can’t find happiness? Read on my friend.