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Retired Russian Gymnast Puts on Spectacular Floor Show

The country of Russia has always been known for their gymnasts and their great skills within the sport.  Normally Russia is one of the main teams to beat in this area of the Olympics.  Right there with the USA, China, and Romania.  Russian rhythmic gymnast Daria Vladimirovna Kondakova carries on this tradition.  She is a talented rhythmic gymnast winning silver and gold medals in numerous championships until her retirement in 2012 to become a gymnastics coach.

For those who are unfamiliar with the sport rhythmic gymnastics is a single or doubles team of gymnasts who use one or two to use a dancing and acting term props or objects in a floor show.  Many of these props or objects tend to be things like balls, ropes, rings, streamers and the like. These floor shows are choreographed to music and use the technical concepts of gymnastics, ballet and other more popularized styles of dancing.

Show some love for Daria Vladimirovna Kondakova in this video of her stupendous performance.