In a bit of a turnaround from the usual posts I write about how bad Photoshop on models is because it gives the wrong impression to kids and young women growing up about body image. In this post I will be explaining how empowering make-up can actually be to women who suffer from skin conditions.


This post has come off the back of a campaign by cosmetics company Dermablend in which a number of women with skin conditions share their stories about how useful make-up has been to their life and self esteem. They explain how finding make up has helped others accept who they are, even though they are happy inside. I think it is a little sad that women need to feel they have to hide their flaws.

They say they used to use make up to hide who they were but now use it to express who they are to the world.

Dermablend, which was created in 1981, is a ‘camouflage’ cosmetics brand designed specifically for women (and men) with mild to severe skin conditions. If it helps people feel more comfortable about themselves and makes them feel more empowered and happier then it gets a big thumbs up from me.

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