There aren’t many things worse that the suspense you’re in when you’re waiting for him to text! If you’re lucky and it’s the start of something then it can be quite exciting. However, when your phone beeps and it’s not HIM your heart will sink and you’ll find yourself secretly annoyed with your friend for daring to text you and getting your hopes up.

On the other side of things it can feel like an absolute killer when you’re in the middle of what could be a break up and he goes quiet. You’ll find yourself checking your phone every 60 seconds, turning it off and on again, texting YOURSELF just to see if texts are coming through alright.

I have yet to meet a girl who can just leave her phone at home for the day and get on with her life when she’s waiting for HIM to text. I’ll be the first to admit that as impatient as I am, if I haven’t heard from him after a reasonable about of time, I have done the whole 10 texts in a row thing… but that’s another story! x