My blog has only been going for 1 week and I’ve had far too many comments from men complaining that women get treated badly by ‘bad boys’ but don’t ever give the nice guys a chance! It’s totally true! But why is it that women choose the danger over security?

It’s simple, danger = excitement, security = boring! And we can’t help that this is the case!

Of course us girls would like to be attracted to nice guys but we just aren’t. A lot of us have gave it our best shot with a ‘nice guy’ but he’s ended up in the friend zone.

It must be nature because no matter how hard we try to go for the sensible option, we fall into the bad boys trap!

However, good guys shouldn’t lose hope! When a female has been with one too many bad boys, when she’s been messed about, cheated on, used and abused, or all of the above, she will eventually develop a new found respect for nice guys and learn to stay well away from trouble.

It takes a lot of mistakes for us to learn our lesson, but eventually we come round!

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