After chilling out, being single and doing your own thing, you might decide that even though being on your own is cool in some ways, that it’s time for you to get settled into a relationship. Do not think that looking good is going to get you a boyfriend. The fact is men don’t approach girls that they don’t think they’ve got a chance with. They don’t want to embarrass themselves. Don’t think that browsing through a book shop or sitting in the park alone is going to get men to come over you and ask you if you’d like to go for a coffee. We’re not in a God Damn film!


This is real life! If you know what you want in a man go and find it. Let all your friends know what you want so they can look too. Put your criteria on your Facebook status if you want! These days girls have got to do the looking BUT looking doesn’t mean the chasing. FIND what you want first. Getting that person to chase YOU comes later.

I met my partner on the internet. OMG internet dating how embarrassing! Only joking, I’m not embarrassed at all, but I would have been a few years ago. When internet dating started getting big is did have a stigma about it. People who were ‘desperate’ resorted to meeting strangers online and it was DANGEROUS. But when a beautiful, amazing woman I worked with told me she was doing it and simply said, ‘it’s just a modern way to meet people’ I was solved. If this cool woman could it and wasn’t ashamed, I was signing up too!


The reacting I got from a few people (mostly men) was either sympathy or gasps of ‘but why are YOU internet dating?! You can have anyone you want’. Even if I could have had anyone I wanted there was no one in my life that I was interested in. Some people did still have the attitude that internet dating is a last resort for people who can’t get a boyfriend. But I could get a boyfriend alight, if any of the men around had actually been good enough for me!

Me and my friend at work were a bit naughty to be honest; we had a bit of a giggle at some of the men who contacted us. We would show each other emails and pictures of some of the men on there and laugh our heads off. But in general most men were very normal men. Which wasn’t really a bad thing or a good thing. I spent about a year chatting and dating men from the internet. But it started to get me down. None of them were living up to an ex I couldn’t forget about and the more dates I had the more I started to think that no one would be right for me. Then I remembered the list I’d made years before. I found it and pasted it onto my dating profile. I wrote a bit about myself and said “this is what I’m looking for..” just above my list.

I had some people email me outraged that I would be so blunt. One went something like “who do you think you are making a list of demands… you’re not even that hot anyway!” Well 1. If I’m not that hot why did you click on my photo to read my profile and 2. Why the hell can’t I ask for what I want! I’m actually saving people time!

Some emails I got were along the lines of ‘I know I’m not everything on your list but please give me a chance’. Why? So we can both waste each other’s time? Sorry but no. One thing about the list is, it never changes. By the time you’re a teenager, you already know what you want in a man and that list will never change. There’s some psychology to that. But it’s pretty complicated. Just trust me on it.


Anyway, know what you want and look EVERYWHERE you have to, to find a man that’s suitable. The internet is a great place to go, since internet dating is basically a catalogue of men for you to choose from.

If you’re worried about they people you might meet online, take a look at this site first;