Groups of females can be incredibly bitchy. Usually there is a ‘leader’ this is the most ‘popular’ one, the one with the strongest character; strong opinions, more confidence, decisive etc.


The person the ‘leader’ likes best is automatically ‘second in command’. This is because the leader will be protective of her. The ‘second in command’ will usually be similar to the leader in some ways but not have as much confidence in themselves.

Everybody else seem to just go with the flow and literally follow the leader!

HOWEVER… there is ALWAYS one person who the group aren’t as keen on. They might not always show it, but they defiantly talk about it behind this persons back. They see this person as the ‘weak’ one, usually because of the persons gentle nature. A group of girls will actually bond over their dislike of someone in their group. If you ever feel like you aren’t being supported within your group of friends, there’s a possibility you could be the person your friends are most like to turn against when they’re angry.

All of this is totally natural, it happens with packs of wolves in nature;

The wolf pack hierarchy is a very strict social order.

Leaders are known as Alpha (Male and Female). The dominance is communicated by posture and vocally. (A straight tail – bared teeth – deep growls). This show of force rarely leads to serious injuries.

The beta wolf comes next. Beta wolves act as the second in command, taking over if the alpha male dies and possibly remating with the alpha female.

The Lowest ranking wolf is known as an Omega (Male or Female). The Omega wolf serves an important purpose by absorbing the packs aggression thereby maintaining balance within the pack. This submissive position is displayed by means of body language.
(Ears back – head down – tail between the legs – or a raised leg to expose the stomach and genitalia).

However, just because it’s natural doesn’t mean you have to act that way!

If you feel like you’re not valued within your group start looking towards other groups for friendship.

If you feel like you are sometimes going along with bitchiness but you don’t feel comfortable with it, make a stand!

If you feel like your friends look up to you and respect you, set a good example to them.

Sometimes we act like a pack of animals, but as soon as we realise what we’re doing, we have the power to stop it. Find out more by Googling Wolf Pack Mentality.