By now, we are all familiar with the use of green screens to bring us computer-generated effects. This not only includes movies but also weather forecasts we watch at home. One gal, well, sorta forgot about that. She happens to work at the news station and…Good thing she works with such wonderful and honorable co-workers who were more than willing to help her out!

It’s one thing when our “loved ones” play a trick while we are alone or in front of a few folks. This was broadcast on TV! Can you imagine?

Poor, Ericka, who arrived to work wearing a green dress, probably won’t forget that day at work. Trouble is…neither will anyone else. As she stood in front of the green screen, her dress blended in, allowing her “teammates” to first allow her body to “float” on screen.


What first appeared to be a technical issue suddenly became clear when a dancing obese man wearing nothing but a purple speedo was superimposed over. It appeared as though her head were on his body.


Within a short amount of time, Pino suspects something is amiss. Switching to speaking English, she demands, “What is going on?” and then the picture cuts out.


It is not clear what was officially broadcast versus not. Ericka Pino, native of Peru, is well known for her bi-lingual broadcasts in America.