As the lockdown continues and humans across the world remain behind closed doors, we’ve seen an eye-opening rise in animals reclaiming the outside world.

Goats seem to be particularly tricky beasts in this regard, as we’ve now seen no less than two incidents of those crazy kids taking over the streets.

This latest incident took place in San Jose, California, when a sudden rush of around 200 goats came storming through an otherwise sleepy suburb.

Zach Roelands, a local who caught the bizarre incident on camera, told USA Today that these goats had “jumped up and … broke through the fence” that cordoned them off from the community.

Roelands explained the animals then “escaped into the street and started eating all the plants in … everyone’s front yard.” Happily no one was hurt, neither human nor goat; Roelands pointed out that the animals were “actually pretty scared of humans.”

Nor, as we mentioned, is this the first time goats have run amok in the human world since the lockdown. This San Jose incident comes barely a month after goats also went wild in Llandudno, Wales.

Other animals causing upset to the natural order during the quarantine period include elephants in China, who broke into a nearby village and got drunk. There have also been reports of dolphins entering the canals of Venice, their waters currently much cleaner in the absence of the usual human traffic.

Unsurprisingly, concerned parties on social media were quick to point out how much more disastrous the San Jose goat situation might have been, with one Twitter user pointing out the scene’s uncanny similarity to the darkest moment of Disney’s The Lion King.

While some would take these as signs of an animal uprising that will surely mean the end of the world as we know it, we at 80s Kids would prefer not to speculate there.

However, we wouldn’t be too surprised if Anti-Goat Fencing becomes the new must-have household accessory in the coming months…