Kefka Palazzo – Final Fantasy VI

Kefka, the deranged antagonist of the sixth Final Fantasy game, holds a twisted belief that life is inherently meaningless and chaotic. His destructive actions, culminating in the destruction of the world, seem to vindicate his nihilistic outlook, leaving ruin in his wake and reinforcing his conviction.

Handsome Jack – Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack, the charismatic antagonist of the second Borderlands game, sees himself as the savior of Pandora, striving to establish order and prosperity. He regards the Vault Hunters as dangerous and chaotic elements undermining his vision of a greater good. His twisted sense of righteousness drives him to commit heinous acts in pursuit of his goals.

Alma Wade – F.E.A.R. series

Alma’s malevolence and thirst for revenge are born from her tragic past, subjected to cruel experiments and mistreatment. Her desire for release from torment results in terrifying actions, adding layers of depth to her character and evoking a sense of empathy despite her villainous nature.

The Illusive Man – Mass Effect series

The Illusive Man, a character in the Mass Effect games, argues for humanity’s survival at any cost, including controversial actions. While his methods are extreme, he believes that ensuring humanity’s dominance is essential for its future and protection from other alien threats. His perspective raises ethical dilemmas, challenging players to consider the greater good and the complexities of achieving survival and progress in a vast, dangerous galaxy.

GLaDOS – Portal series

Originally created for scientific progress, GLaDOS’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and experimentation turns sinister as she treats clones she developed as mere disposable test subjects. Her lack of ethics and disregard for life, even lab-created clones, highlights her transformation from a creation of science to a malevolent antagonist.

Scorpion – Mortal Kombat

Despite being portrayed as a ruthless villain driven by vengeance and manipulation, Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat series has a good point, seeking to avenge his fallen clan and later finding redemption, showcasing a sense of honor and occasionally becoming an ally in the fight against evil forces.

Bowser – Super Mario Bros.

Bowser, the primary antagonist across Nintendo’s long-running Super Mario franchise, experienced an orphaned childhood, later nurtured by Kamek. Kamek’s influence fueled Bowser’s resentment towards Mario and Luigi, falsely painting them as potential adversaries. As a result, Bowser’s upbringing shaped his villainous disposition in the Mushroom Kingdom. Without Kamek’s guidance, Bowser may not have been such a bad guy!

Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

Sephiroth’s quest to control the planet’s energy source, known as the Lifestream, and save it from destruction was initially rooted in a sense of purpose. However, his tragic descent into madness and obsession with godlike power distorts his original goals, making him a formidable foe.

Abby Anderson – The Last of Us Part II

As a soldier of the Washington Liberation Front, Abby seeks justice for her father’s death at the hands of series protagonist Joel Miller. However, as the story unfolds, Abby’s empathy shines through as she forms friendships with ex-members of the Seraphites, reflecting her capacity for compassion and challenging her initial alliances.

Big Boss – Metal Gear Solid

In the Metal Gear Solid series, Big Boss is an influential character, feared for his exceptional soldier skills and initially portrayed as a madman desiring endless wars. But, in truth, he aims to elevate soldiers from mere pawns, wishing for a world that acknowledges their worth. Though his methods are unjustifiable, his underlying motive evokes sympathy.

Letho – The Witcher 2

I'll Never Kill Letho In The Witcher 2

Letho, the Kingslayer, had a point in seeking revenge against the Northern Kingdoms for betraying him and his Witcher brethren. As the last of the Viper School Witchers, he felt abandoned and exploited by those he had once served, leading him to align with Nilfgaard to destabilize the region and bring chaos to those who wronged him.

Edgar Ross – Red Dead Redemption

As a government agent, Ross believed in bringing law and order to the wild west, a land plagued by crime and violence. His ruthless pursuit of John Marston and other outlaws was driven by a desire to enforce the rule of law and hold those accountable who dared to defy it, even if it meant sacrificing individuals for the greater good of society.

King DeDeDe – Kirby’s Adventure

New Kirby game reveals King Dedede's secret - Polygon

King DeDeDe, while often portrayed as a villain, has a point in wanting to protect Dream Land from potential threats like Nightmare. His actions, though misguided, stem from his belief that he is the rightful ruler and guardian of the land, and his rivalry with Kirby can be seen as an attempt to maintain his position as Dream Land’s protector.

Pagan Min – Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 Pagan Min Trailer - YouTube

Pagan Min’s desire for control over Kyrat comes from his belief that he is the only one capable of uniting the country and preventing it from falling into chaos and war. While his methods may be brutal and tyrannical, his goal is to establish stability and order, which he sees as a necessary sacrifice for progress and prosperity.

Zoltun Kule – Diablo III

Diablo 3 Zoltun Kulle Adventure Mode Location Season 28 | GINX Esports TV

Zoltun Kule, though corrupted and mad, has a point in his obsession with obtaining the powers of the Black Soulstone. His pursuit of god-like abilities stems from a desire to free humanity from the cycle of suffering and vulnerability, even if it means resorting to dark and destructive forces.

Doctor Wiley – Mega Man

Mega Man on Twitter: "It's #EarthDay! Even Dr. Wily is in the spirit of things... I think. It's kinda hard to tell with him." / Twitter

Dr. Wiley’s constant desire to conquer the world with his robots comes from his belief that he deserves recognition and respect for his scientific genius, which he feels has been overshadowed and ignored by society and his rival, Dr. Light. Though his methods are nefarious, his underlying frustration and longing for acknowledgment are understandable.

The Fireflies – The Last of Us

Who Are the Fireflies in HBO's THE LAST OF US?

The Fireflies’ point lies in their mission to find a cure for the Cordyceps infection, saving humanity from extinction. Though their actions often verge on extremism and violence, their pursuit of a vaccine represents a glimmer of hope for the world and a chance to restore civilization.

The Master – Fallout

ArtStation - Showdown with The Master [Fallout]

The Master’s ultimate goal is to bring an end to the chaos and devastation caused by nuclear war, albeit through a twisted means of forcibly evolving humanity into a more stable superorganism. His vision is driven by a belief that only through unity and sacrifice can mankind survive in the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

Logan – Fable III

Fable 3 - Deposed King Logan | The antagonist throughout the… | Flickr

As the older brother of the hero, Logan’s reign as King was marked by tough decisions and oppressive rule. However, his point of view is that he needed to secure Albion’s future through accumulating wealth and power, even if it meant sacrificing individual freedoms for the sake of the kingdom’s survival.

Big Boss – Metal Gear

Big Boss’s perspective is rooted in disillusionment with governments and their manipulation of soldiers for their interests. He seeks to create a world where soldiers are free from political agendas, envisioning a utopia where warriors are united, respected, and not used as pawns in others’ games.

The Reapers – Mass Effect

Mass Effect Reapers Explained: Full Timeline From Origin To Invasion

The Reapers’ point, although monstrous, is to preserve organic life from self-destruction by periodically harvesting advanced civilizations. They believe that this cycle of extinction and renewal ensures that life evolves and advances without the risk of being consumed by its own creations.

Ghost of Sparta – God of War

God of War: Ghost of Sparta Coming to PSP in 2010 | WIRED

Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta, is driven by vengeance and rage due to the gods’ betrayal and manipulation that led to the loss of his family. While his actions are brutal, his point lies in seeking retribution against the gods who have played with mortal lives and driven him to the depths of despair.

Taron Malicos – Jedi: Fallen Order

Taron Malicos’ point of view arises from his disillusionment with the Jedi Order’s dogma and failure to prevent the rise of the Empire. He believes that the force should be harnessed without restrictions, and by embracing both the light and dark sides, one can achieve true power and balance.

Magus – Chrono Trigger

How To Build Magus From Chrono Trigger In Dungeons & Dragons

Magus’s point lies in his quest for revenge against Lavos, the extraterrestrial entity responsible for his sister’s death and the devastation of his kingdom. He seeks to wield the power of Lavos to rewrite history and prevent the catastrophe, even if it means aligning himself with dark forces.

Helghasts – Killzone

The Helghasts’ point is born out of their resentment towards the oppressive rule of the ISA and their desire for independence and equality. Though their methods involve war and aggression, their struggle is driven by a fight for autonomy and recognition as a legitimate society.

Kreia – Knights Of The Old Republic II

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords (Video Game 2004) - IMDb

The Sith Lords: Kreia, also known as Darth Traya, has a point in her belief that the Force should be stripped from the galaxy to end the perpetual cycle of Jedi and Sith conflict, which she sees as an unending, destructive loop.

Dr. Breen – Half-Life 2

HD Breen face [Half-Life 2] [Mods]

Dr. Breen, the administrator of Earth under the Combine rule, sees humanity’s subjugation as a necessary compromise to prevent the extinction of the species. He believes that joining forces with the Combine is the only way to ensure humanity’s survival in the face of a technologically superior alien empire.

Joker – Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins: Joker Boss Fight and Ending (4K 60fps) - YouTube

Joker’s point is that chaos and insanity reveal the true nature of human beings, and he seeks to bring out the darkest sides of people to prove his twisted worldview. It might be nihilistic, but looking at the state of the world sometimes, he might have a point.

William Johnson – Assassin’s Creed III

Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered - William Johnson Assassination - YouTube

Though morally corrupt, William Johnson’s point revolves around maintaining order and security in the colonies, even if it means suppressing the rights and freedoms of the Native Americans to ensure the growth and prosperity of the British colonies.

Arthas Menethil – Warcraft III

Warcraft 3: Reforged review: a relic ruined by upgrades - Polygon

Arthas’s point is driven by his desire to save his people and the kingdom of Lordaeron from the Scourge’s invasion. Though his intentions start as noble, his gradual descent into darkness and becoming the Lich King highlights the dangers of succumbing to the allure of power.

Dragaux – Ring Fit Adventure

Already people want to boink the Ring Fit dragon Dragaux - Gayming Magazine

Though depicted as a typical video game villain, bodybuilding dragon Dragaux believes that physical strength and fitness are essential for personal growth and well-being. His extreme methods of motivating players through battles and challenges stem from a genuine desire to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Alduin – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim: 10 Hidden Details You Missed About Alduin

Alduin, the World-Eater, sees himself as the rightful harbinger of the apocalypse, resetting the world’s cycle and allowing it to be reborn anew. While his motives are terrifying, he views his actions as necessary to maintain the cosmic balance.

Edelgard – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Edelgard - Fire Emblem: Three Houses Guide - IGN

Edelgard’s point lies in her vision to dismantle the corrupt and oppressive Crest system, which perpetuates social inequality and suffering. While her methods involve war and upheaval, her goal is to create a unified and egalitarian society, free from the shackles of Crest-based discrimination.

N – Pokémon Black & White

Pokémon Black & White: Why N Is Really a Pokémon

N, the leader of Team Plasma, believes that Pokémon should be liberated from human control, as he can communicate with them and understand their desires. While his methods are extreme, his point challenges players to question the ethical implications of capturing and using Pokémon for battles.

The Colossi – Shadow of the Colossus

Ranking All Of The Colossi In Shadow Of The Colossus - Game Informer

The Colossi can be seen as guardians of a sacred land, and their point is to protect the ancient power that could bring immense destruction if it fell into the wrong hands. The player’s journey to defeat them raises philosophical questions about the consequences of seeking power and the true nature of heroism.

Thomas Mutton – Catherine

Thomas Mutton, also known as the Midnight Venus, represents the oppressive societal pressure of marriage and the fear of commitment. While his role is antagonistic, he serves as a metaphorical reminder of the protagonist’s internal struggle with love and responsibility.

Morris – Stardew Valley

Honestly, Morris doesn't make it sound all that bad : r/StardewValley

Morris, the Joja Corporation representative, symbolizes unchecked capitalism and corporate greed that threaten the traditional way of life in Stardew Valley. While his motives are profit-driven and heartless, he represents the challenges faced by small communities against the rise of powerful corporations.

Kendra Daniels – Dead Space

After ending Kyne and Cross’s lives and abandoning Isaac to his fate on Aegis VII, Kendra justified her deeds as essential safeguards for humanity against the Marker’s influence. She understood that the three of them had been mentally affected by the artifact, with no hope of recovery, and that their survival, coupled with its presence, could lead to dire consequences.

Josh – Until Dawn

Until Dawn - Josh Is The Killer - YouTube

While Josh’s actions as the Psycho in Until Dawn are criminal and dangerous, his point is rooted in his desire to avenge his twin sisters’ presumed death, holding their friends accountable for their disappearance during a tragic prank gone wrong.

Comstock – Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite - Parte 16. La casa de Comstock | Hobby Consolas

Comstock, the ruler of Columbia, envisions himself as a prophet and savior of his people, a man who will lead them to a promised land. His point revolves around his twisted belief in his divine right to power and control over the city, even if it means imposing harsh rule and oppression on its citizens.

Matt – Wii Sports

Ah, Matt from Wii Sports. Always there to defeat you once you’ve grafted your way to the top of the Wii Sports boxing division, looking over you smugly as stars orbit your retina. But the truth is, he’s an elite-level athlete. He wants to win just as much as you do, if not more. The fact he’s been fighting at the top of his game since 2006 deserves some commendation, don’t you think?

The Flame Emperor – Fire Emblem: Three Houses

For a start, this villain looks like trouble. All that armor and the huge red feathers. Turns out, she is a menace, a ruler with plans to conquer the Kingdom of Faerghus and the Leicester Alliance. While all the violence is a bit unnecessary, The Flame Emperor’s plans are ultimately to quash nobility and bring some equality to the three areas – not such a bad idea.

Ryder White – Dead Island

Ryder White behaves like a very naughty man. He steals and manipulates wherever he goes, culminating in stealing an antidote from the island’s survivors. But what if we told you that poor Ryder is being manipulated himself, and just wants to take the antidote in order to cure his infected wife? People do strange things in stressful situations, let’s cut the man some slack.

Loghain Mac Tír – Dragon Age: Origins

Poor Loghain Mac Tír. He used to be a hero in his hometown of Ferelden, but he lived long enough to see himself become the villain. He abandons the Prince’s son Cailan in battle, and declares himself the leader of Ferelden, as you do, before blaming Cailan’s death on the former allies of Ferelden. Although this behavior is rather rogue, Loghain simply believes his actions will stop his beloved Ferelden from being destroyed.

Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

You know your reputation is slightly shady when people start referring to you as Revolver, the name of the weapon you use to kill people. The truth is, Mr Ocelot has quite a penchant for murder and torture, and it is understandably difficult to make a case to defend him. However, it turns out that Revolver Ocelot’s plan was to bring down an Illuminati-style group who were planning to destroy the world, justifying his madman behavior… sort of.

Daisy Fitzroy – Bioshock Infinite

Daisy Fitzroy is painted as one of Bioshock Infinite’s antagonists, when really she’s just the leader of an anti-racist organization going against the real crook, the openly bigoted Zachary Comstock. In the world of Bioshock Infinite, it seems you will be painted as a baddie whichever direction on the moral compass you float towards.

Pyrrha Omega – Soulcalibur V

Pyrrha Omega is a restless, aggressive murderer, who just cannot seem to sort her behavioral issues out. However, she wasn’t always this way and went rogue after everyone she held dear was killed. She was then manipulated into fighting for the bad side as an alternative to being executed, after being wrongfully framed as her fiancé’s murderer. A touch of misfortune, to say the least.

Kessler – Infamous

Kessler is the main antagonist in Infamous, with his power allowing him to manipulate electricity, something he uses to terrorize the folk of Empire City. Ultimately though, his intentions are good, as he goes back in time to try and defeat an evil conduit, creatively named The Beast, in order to stop the mass destruction of the world.

Dr. Kawashima – Brain Training

While not an out-and-out villain, Dr. Kawashima telling you that you have the brain age of an old-age-pensioner when you’re just trying to have some fun on your Nintendo DS really stings. The fact that tests proved that Brain Training has neither a positive nor negative impact on cognitive abilities just makes it worse. However, Dr. Kawashima is a highly respected neuroscientist in real life and has done some excellent research in his field.

Shazam – Injustice: Gods Among Us

In Injustice: Gods Among Us, the character of Shazam grew up idolizing Superman, so he naturally followed him blindly when he set up the One Earth Regime. When Shazam realized that the regime was actually a bit dodgy, effectively enabling tyranny among the human race, he decided to turn his back on the movement – an entirely understandable move.

Dr. Mobius – Fallout: New Vegas

The world of Fallout: New Vegas is packed full of dangerous characters with ulterior motives, which makes Dr. Mobius’ unnerving reputation unsurprising. According to the sentient brains, Mobius was once a good guy who subsequently went rogue and terrorized people with his robot scorpions. However, Mobius was a little less unhinged than you may think, as his plan was always to reprogram the scientists’ brains to prevent them from performing experiments on the population.

Asgore – Undertale

The indie title Undertale led to the creation of many a great character, including Asgore, the supposed big-boss monster of the Underworld. Turns out, Asgore wasn’t as bad as he seemed, and only kept up his reputation to scare off any fools who tried to mess with the monster population. Like a 1960s hippie, all he wanted was peace and love between species and only played the role of the bad guy to ward off any potential attackers.

Col. John Konrad – Spec Ops: The Line

Col. John Konrad was built up to be the instigator of Captain Walker’s heinous crimes in Spec Ops: The Line, repeatedly goading him on to commit atrocities during a reconnaissance mission in Dubai. However, we eventually find out that the radio taunts experienced by Walker were purely a figment of his imagination, brought on by his guilt. The truth is, Konrad had killed himself before the Dubai mission had even begun.

Arishok – Dragon Age 2

Arishok from Dragon Age 2 may have engaged in many violent acts, but don’t let that cloud your judgment on him. If anything, he’s the victim of misplacement. After all, he only arrives in Kirkwall because of a shipwreck. All right, he doesn’t need to take over the city, maybe that is going a bit too far – but he just wants to get home, and back to his people.

Saren – Mass Effect

What is it with video games and characters that feel the need to take it upon themselves to destroy everyone in the world? What are the benefits? Anyway, Saren from Mass Effect is another perpetrator of World Doom to add to the list, even if he does feel regretful about it. He’s gotten so far into the thought of being a bad guy that by the time he tries to turn his back on it, it is just too late.

Pigs – Angry Birds

It’s easy to feel a tinge of resentment for the pigs in Angry Birds (just look at them sitting on their perches like they own the place). However, the pigs are just victims of a regime and a propaganda war that they have been born into. The truth is, the pigs are not intelligent; they don’t know their purpose and they don’t know you probably shouldn’t sit next to a crate of TNT if you’re embroiled in a war with a crew of slingshotting birds.

Queen Myrrah – Gears of War

Queen Myrrah had little regard for human life when she enlisted Adam Fenix to help kill the Lambent without killing any locusts. Incidentally, the Lambent are a race of organisms infected by a parasitic fungus. Myrrah really didn’t want to kill locusts unnecessarily, as she valued their lives the same as she would humans.

Ganondorf – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Walker

Ganondorf grew up with very little, a poor boy just trying to get by. His intentions before his downfall were to look after his family, but unfortunately, gaining the power that he did went to his head, sending him into a downward spiral. It’s a shame, it really is.

Creeper – Minecraft

Minecraft players are always under threat of a Creeper attack. Creepers will explode if they are in close proximity to you, which is frustrating, but also evolutionary. The explosion is a defense mechanism when Creepers feel threatened and is likely a last resort, similar to a bee using its sting. They’re just looking out for their loved ones.

Godot – Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

Talented, self-confident, and impenetrable, Godot is the main antagonist in Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations. Why he’s wearing those awful, rave-ready glasses in a courtroom is not for us to ask. Despite his fashion choices, he is a brilliant prosecutor who follows the letter of the law, never tampering with evidence. So although he’s smarmy and tough to get around, there can be no complaints regarding his professional etiquette and conduct.

Jack Baker – Resident Evil 7

He may look like a more unkempt version of Lester Crest from GTA V, but Jack Baker is not somebody you can easily run away from, as he tries in vain to end Ethan’s life for the first half of the game. When Ethan revisits him once more in a dream state, Baker pleads with him to stop his family’s suffering, sowing seeds of sympathy in the brain of even the coldest player.

Emet-Selch – Final Fantasy 14

Emet-Selch is your stereotypical, over-the-top villain who loves power, loves control, will go to great extents to hold on to everything they have, etc. You’ve heard it all before, and you’ll likely hear it again until at least Final Fantasy 28. The slither of difference that differentiates Emet-Selch from every other fantastical, villainous, egotist is the fact he is willing to commit evil for the good of his own people. Isn’t that sweet?

Shadow Lord – NieR RepliCant

Fantasy video games are probably the only place where you can get an audience to take a character named Shadow Lord seriously. And in NieR, you have to take them seriously, as they are not only the main antagonist, but also your shadow. As the game unravels, you come to realize that Shadow Lord is going after the same selfless goals as you are, just with the outcome being the end of humanity if the Shadow Lord succeeds. Obviously.

Nefarious – Ratchet & Clank

Mad scientists are common in video games, rarely disappointing with their incompetence and desire for world domination. Nefarious from Ratchet & Clank is no different but has shown signs of humanity when teaming together with the good guys to save the galaxy, albeit while still trying to kill Qwark, one of the game’s protagonists.

Knuckles – Sonic

Knuckles, originally an antagonist, was tricked by Dr. Eggman into believing that Sonic the Hedgehog was out to steal his Master Emerald. Now Sonic is many things, but he will never be a jewel thief. Nevertheless, Knuckles eventually comes to his senses and teams up with everyone’s favorite little blue hedgehog to defeat Dr. Eggman once and for all.

Vegeta – Dragonball Z

Vegeta – probably not short for Vegetable – is a seemingly cold-hearted, arrogant individual in the Dragonball franchise. After he loses a battle to Goku, he tries his hardest to build himself back up and prepare for a rematch. During a moment of tenderness, Vegeta opens up about how he was taken away from his father as a child after his planet was taken over. It is during this scene that we realize there is emotion within him.

Alessa Gillespie – Silent Hill

Alessa Gillespie was born with psychic powers but was also unfortunately in the grip of a cult, one that believed her suffering would bring about the birth of a new God. Her pain, in turn, brought horror and pain to the town of Silent Hill, which is never what Gillespie intended.

Pinkertons – Red Dead Redemption 2

Throughout the entirety of the Red Dead Redemption 2 campaign, you spend your time trying to avoid contact with the Pinkertons, the Wild West’s equivalent of the FBI. They’re treated by the gang as awful, unjust people, but when you stand back and remove your bias, you’ll realize that they’re coming after you because you rob banks, trains, and anyone with a penny in their pocket.

Vayne Solidor – Final Fantasy 12

Vayne Solidor (and his beautifully washed and conditioned hair) is one of the main threats to the protagonists in Final Fantasy 12. While he does some pretty awful things, he firmly believes that what he is doing is all for the greater good. He believes that he is fighting against evil, for the sake of human liberty.

Seymour – Final Fantasy X

As a child, Seymour was traumatized by the death of his mother at the hands of Sin. He could have used this example of the terror that Sin can cause and fought for good in the world. But what did he do? He decided to become Sin itself, and try and kill everyone that stood in his way.