These quotation marks are totally unnecessary and out of place. Check them out and let us know what you think!

“Your”? No I think it’s Yours!

Let’s make one thing clear here. That is not my waste! Haha, I wonder who made that slogan.

Are you really an “established” rock band?

“Pillow” sale

I’m not sure what’s going on here but there pillows must be really “important”!

I bet you will be “highly satisfied” at this place.

Ok guys enough with the antics of making me “highly satisfied” and get me a frozen burrito!

I guess these “Gate Locked” are locked?

I guess once you check in there’s no checking out since the “gates locked”.

“The Best”

Hmm they must be “the best” then.


I’m kind of unsure about what kind of message these guys are trying to send here. A chicken serving chicken? Hmm…

“Not Responsible”

I guess these guys have been having problems with employee theft perhaps?

No “Free” Refills

I guess there is no freedom for the drinks in this place.