After four years of hard work and a perfect tree trunk; paired with some amazing talent we get this incredible masterpiece. A famous Chinese wood carver chopped down a tree and worked tirelessly on it for four years to finish this amazing masterpiece. You’re about to be shocked when you see what this guy made.

It started with a humble beginning


Then Zheng Chunhui, a famous wood carver, spent over four years creating this masterpiece.


This carving is based on a famous Chinese painting “Along the River During the Qingming Festival.” The original artwork was created over 1,000 years ago.

The carving won the Guinness World Record for the longest wooden carving and measures over 40ft (specifically, it is 12.286 meters long, is 3.075 meters tall at it highest point, and is also 2.401 meters wide).


The carvings depict the ancient life in China and the details are mind blowing.


You should not be surprised after seeing this masterpiece that is getting a lot of attention. I think that the size and the level of detail might have something to do with it.