The average girl will keep a few little things hidden from men, for example; we don’t like a man to see us without us having shaved our legs, arm pits and other areas first. We would rather die than forget to flush the toilet and some of us don’t even like to be seen without make up. So after surveying 200 men aged between 16 – 30 we can exclusively reveal a countdown of what it is men really don’t want to see.

7. Too much make up

Men do like to see a woman make an effort for him but when a girl is wearing more make up than one face wipe can deal with, it gets too much for men. Men want to see your face. Don’t give them a shock when they see you coming out of the shower!

6. Bitchy behaviour

If a man sees his woman acting two faced or nasty towards other girls or even friends, it’s going to make him question her character. If a girl can say one thing to someone else, but mean another then it will worry him that she could be acting the same way when it comes to him.

5. A girl who reveals too much.

It came as a shock to hear that men actually don’t want to see your chest and your bum on show in a skimpy outfit. Men want to see that when it’s in private, they don’t want other men drooling all over you.

4. A girl who covers up her body too much.

Now we all know men like to see a bit of flesh. Surprisingly however, men really don’t want to see everything she’s got to offer. This does’t mean they want a girl who is not comfortable with her body. Men don’t want to see you scaling along the wall, holding a pillow in an attempt to cover your stomach and to hide your backside.

3. A girl not finishing her meal.

Men like girls who are confident with themselves and are not afraid to eat. In our survey more then 80% of men revealed that they would not date a girl a second time if they felt she wasn’t eating enough on the first. Don’t order a salad and then push it around your plate, go for whatever you want on the menu. Obviously when you’re full, you’re full so you can stop whenever you want. But if you give a man the impression you’re watching your weight, alarm bells will sound and you probably won’t get a call the next day.

2. Hair extensions.

Just to clarify, this is when they’re out of your hair. When hair extensions are clipped/glued/braided in, men don’t even notice. But when your unbrushed 16″ locks are laying over the edge of the bath, men don’t even want to have to bring themselves to move them aside. Men don’t care what the hair is made from, who owned it before, where it came from or how expensive it was. It’s another case of men just not understanding it. They think it’s totally gross.

1. A girl crying.

You can forget about how bad you think you look when you haven’t bleached your upper lip, men don’t care about things like that, it won’t put them off you! But there are somethings that men just don’t want to see and number one on the list is; a girl crying. Aww how sweet! Well maybe… but the main reason behind it isn’t as romantic as you might first think; men do not know what to do when a girl cries. For them, it’s awkward with a capital A. Men can sometimes seem quite insensitive when a girl gets upset in front of their eyes but the truth is they don’t understand what’s going on and they shut down. If, however, the girl is crying because of him… he probably deserves a lot more than just feeling awkward.

The 200 men surveyed have shown us a different side to what we would usually see in a men. It turns out men truly are more bothered about how a girl feels than what she looks like. Of course as we say in the title, this is only what REAL MEN think.