Isn’t it funny how men have so many opinions about what we wear? Especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with them? According to UK Newspaper Metro the 23 fashion faux pas listed below are enough to put a man off you.

I have to say, it really does not matter what you wear and you should not be strayed by the opinions of this newspaper. It is however entertaining to read through the list.


1. Tights

They say they just don’t like how they feel. But if they had to shave, moisurise and even tan their legs every couple of days, I bet they would soon come round.

2. Jumpsuits

They don’t make sense to men apparently. What doesn’t make sense about having one item of clothing as a whole outfit? It’s genius and it’s comfortable!

3. Maxi dresses

It seems men think you only throw a maxi dress on when you have nothing else to wear and you’re in a rush. I’m starting to notice a pattern here… men don’t like us to be covered up…

4. Shorts (excluding hot pants)

Because they don’t want a girl who looks like she’s about to go hiking. Really?

5. Hoop earrings

OK so some women despise there too. Men believe it’s a sign of an easy woman.

6. Upper lip piercings

Because they look like spots. But to be fair, I think that too.

7. Onesies

They can’t stand us wearing a giant baby grow. I suspect this would change the second they got into a onesie of their own though. Nobody likes them until they try them, then there’s no going back!


8. High heels

Well, high heels when a woman can’t walk right in them. This includes me.

9. Palazzo pants

Men want to know how this look was ever OK. But we don’t have the answer.

10. Uggs

They are so warm and so easy to wear, but men hate the sight of our favourite little boots.

11. Animal print

Animal print is another sign of a girl who gets around (according to men).

12. Michael Kors

A £300 bag, what’s not to like? Men just cannot see how any bag is worth that money.

13. Velour

Not as popular today as it was 5 years ago, but velour tracksuit were incredibly comfortable.

14. Their clothes

This one is due to leaving make up stains on their shirt.

What we’ve learned here today is that men don’t know what they’re talking about and we’re still going to wear whatever we want anyway!