She’ll turn up to a date looking like butter wouldn’t melt, little does he know the preparation that’s gone into her looking beautiful and easy breezy.


1. Call at least 2 friends.

As soon as the date is set, she’ll phone at least 2 friends to analyse the whole lead up. They will be over the moon for her and possible be jumping up on down on the other end of the phone. They will discuss the outfit options and pals will give advice on how to behave.


2. Organise a get-out plan.

She will organise a code with a friend that will help her get off of the date if she feels uncomfortable. It could be an emergency phone call/text or she could even signal through the use of her mobile phone that it’s time for all her girls to show up.


3. Bleaching her moustache

Unless she is a natural blonde, she may have to get some bleach on her top lip. This is totally normal but at the same time, it’s not something that he want to see if he arrives early to pick her up. She has to be very careful with this operation as leaving the bleach on too long can give her a glowing, red moustache to wear for the date.


4. Grooming – down there

This is JUST IN CASE. She won’t be out on date with you with the intention of inviting you back for a ‘coffee’. But girls believe in true love, if the date is like a fairytale and the pair instantly fall in love, then why wait?


5. Restricting food

Plenty of girls feel they could do without a couple of pounds or so, so on a lead up to a date, particularly the day before, she may eat less than usual to keep a flat stomach so she can feel great in a certain dress.


6. Try on an array of outfits

She probably looks great in all of them, but she wants to get it right. Pair the shows with the dress, then pair the outfit with a bag. But do the shoes and bags match? If not, start again.


7. Over use deodorant and perfume

Girls ALWAYS smell good, but on a date they smell even better as they chose to use more of their expensive products than usual (and sometimes necessary). Smelling good is one less thing for her to have to worry about.


8. Floss

This isn’t a daily routine for most people, but when there’s a chance of kissing, she’s going to make sure nothing goes wrong there. Upping oral hygiene is only polite.


9. Go quiet on Facebook

She is not going to write on Facebook about how excited she is for the date. Just incase you don’t enjoy it and she’s published her unrequited feelings online for everyone to see.


10. Practice her ‘hiya’ smile in the mirror.

She want’s to see what you’ll see when you first greet each other so she will practice it in the mirror several times until she’s got it right. Friendly but not eager, relaxed but not rude, flirty but not slutty, charming and not too shy.


11. Pack her bag

She will bring a packet of tissues incase the venue has ran out of toilet paper. A little perfume so she can top up her scent later on. A little bit of make up for touching up (over time make up can fade a little). Her fully charged phone for emergencies. And enough money to cover whatever she wants and for a taxi out of there if necessary.

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