It might be the land of the free and home of the brave, but to visit all the paid attractions across these United States you’d have to be very brave indeed. Whether it’s ludicrously large household paraphernalia or particularly amusing gravestones, there’s something for everyone, and the sheer range and audacity of landmarks in the US is enough to warm your heart and make a bald eagle shed a tear. So join us as we take you on the ultimate road trip through the weird and wonderful roadside attractions that our country has to offer.

1. Alabama: The “Go to Church or the Devil Will Get You!” Sign

In Alabama, a bold sign along a highway delivers a humorous message: “Go to Church, or the Devil Will Get You!” This lighthearted reminder adds whimsy to the landscape and showcases how simple signs can bring a smile to your face. Keep an eye out for this unique landmark as you explore Alabama’s charming towns and picturesque countryside.

2. Alaska: The Abandoned Igloo Hotel

An abandoned Igloo Hotel sparks curiosity in Alaska’s wilderness with its unique architecture and mysterious past. Once a bustling retreat, this igloo-shaped relic now stands silently, whispering stories of bygone days through its weathered exterior. As you explore Alaska’s rugged terrain, pause to appreciate this fascinating piece of history and the tales it holds within.

3. Arizona: The Turquoise McDonald’s Sign

A McDonald’s restaurant in Arizona boasts a unique feature that catches the eye. The familiar golden arches take on a Southwest charm with a vibrant turquoise hue. This distinctive sign stands out against the desert backdrop, adding a delightful touch to the fast-food experience. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, don’t miss the chance to appreciate this colorful landmark while enjoying a quick meal.

4. Arkansas: Christ of the Ozarks

In the hills of Arkansas, the Christ of the Ozarks sculpture stands tall as a symbol of faith. This magnificent statue of Jesus Christ overlooks the Ozark Mountains, exuding a serene and peaceful atmosphere. Visit this iconic landmark to reflect and find solace amidst the beauty of Arkansas.

5. California: The Alien Fresh Jerky Store

When passing through Baker, CA, on the way to Las Vegas, don’t miss the iconic Alien Fresh Jerky Store. This quirky destination has transformed into a spaceship-like building with alien-themed street lights and a colossal robot sign. It’s not just visually appealing; it’s also renowned for its delicious jerky. A must-visit for anyone traveling through Southern California.

6. Colorado: The 419.99 Mile Marker

In Colorado, travelers will encounter a unique sight on the road: the 419.99 Mile Marker. Initially appearing as an oddity, it’s actually a deliberate deviation from the standard numbering system. Authorities introduced this playful alternative to combat theft of the mile marker 420. This clever solution adds humor to Colorado’s scenic drives, reflecting the state’s relaxed and lighthearted atmosphere.

7. Connecticut: The Frog Bridge

The Frog Bridge in Willimantic, Connecticut, features frog sculptures on giant thread spools, honoring the town’s thread manufacturing history. In 1754, a loud noise startled the town, leading men to shoot at what they thought were attackers, only to find out they were frogs. The bridge commemorates this incident, and the frog sculptures wear scarves in winter, adding whimsy to the scene.

8. Delaware: The Giant Medical Bag with Stethoscope

In Delaware, an eye-catching sight awaits visitors—a colossal medical bag accompanied by a stethoscope. This unique landmark pays homage to the state’s thriving healthcare industry and its dedication to providing quality medical care. The oversized medical bag serves as a symbolic representation of Delaware’s commitment to health and well-being. As you explore the state, be sure to marvel at this larger-than-life tribute to the medical profession and its importance in Delaware’s community.

9. Florida: The I-4 Eyesore

The infamous “I-4 Eyesore” is a well-known construction project that has been ongoing in Orlando since 2001. This longstanding endeavor has become a notable landmark, garnering attention from locals and surpassing the prominence of even Disney World in the eyes of Central Floridians. The “I-4 Eyesore” stands as a constant reminder of the city’s ever-evolving landscape and the perseverance required in large-scale construction projects.

10. Georgia: The Big Chicken

Georgia is home to the famous Big Chicken—a KFC restaurant adorned with a colossal mechanical chicken. This eye-catching landmark features spinning eyes and a beak that opens and closes, making it an unmistakable sight. The Big Chicken serves as a unique and memorable point of reference when giving directions in the area. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this iconic KFC attraction is sure to leave a lasting impression.

11. Hawaii: The World’s Largest Plant Maze

In the tropical paradise of Hawaii, visitors can explore the wonders of the world’s largest plant maze. This captivating attraction offers a labyrinthine adventure through lush foliage and vibrant botanical wonders. As you navigate the intricate pathways, the maze immerses you in the natural beauty of Hawaii’s flora. Whether you’re seeking a fun-filled activity or a tranquil escape, Hawaii’s world’s largest plant maze promises an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

12. Idaho: Dog Bark Park Inn

Nestled in the charming state of Idaho, the Dog Bark Park Inn beckons travelers with its whimsical and dog-themed allure. Shaped like a giant beagle, this unique bed and breakfast is a sight to behold. As you step inside, you’ll find cozy accommodations and dog-themed decor that will warm your heart. With its dog-shaped exterior and warm hospitality, the Dog Bark Park Inn offers a delightful and memorable stay for dog lovers and adventurers exploring the scenic landscapes of Idaho.

13. Illinois: Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower

The Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower stands tall in Illinois as a colossal and quirky landmark. Shaped like a giant catsup bottle, this vibrant red structure pays homage to the region’s tomato processing history. Adorned with the iconic Brooks Catsup label, it ignites curiosity and nostalgia. Whether you love condiments or appreciate unique landmarks, the Brooks Catsup Bottle Water Tower is a must-see, adding charm to Illinois.

14. Indiana: World’s Largest Ball of Paint

Located in Indiana, the World’s Largest Ball of Paint is a truly one-of-a-kind attraction. What started as a simple baseball has evolved into a mesmerizing work of art. Over the years, visitors have contributed their own layers of paint, resulting in a multi-colored sphere that continues to grow. This quirky masterpiece showcases the creativity and collaborative spirit of the community. A visit to the World’s Largest Ball of Paint is an opportunity to witness a unique creation and be a part of its ongoing legacy.

15. Iowa: Albert the Bull

You’ll encounter Albert, the towering World’s Largest Bull, in Audubon, Iowa. Standing at 28 feet tall with a 15-foot horn span, Albert captivates visitors. His giant concrete balls sometimes sport blue paint, courtesy of mischievous teens. This roadside attraction highlights the community’s creativity and adds a fun element to your journey through Audubon. Don’t miss the chance to encounter Albert, the beloved World’s Largest Bull.

16. Kansas: World’s Largest Ball of Twine

A quirky and impressive sight awaits the World’s Largest Ball of Twine in Kansas. This colossal creation is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of its creator. Built over many years, the ball of twine has grown to an enormous size, attracting visitors from near and far. Its sheer magnitude and intricate details make it a fascinating and unique landmark. As you explore the state of Kansas, make sure to stop by and marvel at this extraordinary accomplishment, the World’s Largest Ball of Twine.

17. Kentucky: Florence Y’all Water Tower

The Florence Y’all Water Tower in Kentucky is a cherished symbol of community spirit. With its playful “Florence Y’all” message, this water tower exudes warmth and charm, welcoming visitors and residents alike. Don’t miss the chance to witness this iconic landmark that represents the friendly nature of the Florence community.

18. Louisiana: The Singing Oak

The Singing Oak near the New Orleans Museum of Art is a hidden gem worth exploring in Louisiana. This remarkable tree is adorned with black wind chimes that harmonize with its branches, creating a soothing and calming melody. Sitting beneath this enchanting tree is an invitation to relax and unwind. Experience the tranquility and serenity of the Singing Oak, a natural retreat that will transport you to a state of peace and harmony.

19. Maine: The L.L. Bean Boot

In Freeport, Maine, a colossal L.L. Bean boot stands outside the store, representing the brand’s outdoor heritage. The boot is a whimsical symbol of quality craftsmanship. Traveling across the state, the Bean Bootmobile adds to the fun by making appearances at events. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or enjoy unique attractions, the giant L.L. Bean boot and its mobile counterpart are must-see sights celebrating Maine’s adventurous spirit.

20. Maryland: The Gravestone of Elijah Jefferson Bond

Elijah Jefferson Bond, the creator of the Ouija board, rests in eternal peace at Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore. Marking his final resting place is a distinctive headstone, serving as a reminder of his contribution to the enigmatic world of spirit communication.

21. Massachusetts

The beloved ‘Orange Dinosaur’ has been a longstanding symbol along Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts. Originally part of a mini golf complex, the dinosaur faced relocation when the site underwent development. However, thanks to the community’s united efforts, the dinosaur found a new home just a few feet away atop a retaining wall. Preserved for future generations, this iconic landmark continues to bring joy and pride to Massachusetts.

22. Michigan: The M-185 highway

On Michigan’s Mackinac Island, you’ll come across the M-185, a unique state highway that prohibits motor vehicles. This special road serves as a dedicated pathway for walking, cycling, and horseback riding, as the island strictly prohibits vehicles (excluding emergencies). Embracing a car-free environment, the M-185 offers a tranquil and eco-friendly experience, allowing visitors to explore the island’s beauty at a leisurely pace.

23. Minnesota: Spoonbridge and Cherry

In Minneapolis, Minnesota, the iconic Spoonbridge and Cherry sculpture outside the Walker Art Museum captivates with its whimsical design. This colossal artwork features a delicately balanced spoon cradling a gleaming cherry, creating a delightful contrast. A beloved symbol of the city, it embodies Minnesota’s vibrant art scene. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at this enchanting landmark during your visit to Minneapolis.

24. Mississippi: Birthplace of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley’s birth home lies in Tupelo, Mississippi—a small but historically significant landmark. This humble house, where the King of Rock and Roll was born, holds deep pride and reverence. A brief tour reminds visitors of Elvis’s influential legacy and cultural impact. For music enthusiasts, a visit to this cherished site pays homage to the roots of a musical legend.

25. Missouri: The World’s Largest Fork

In Springfield, Missouri, stands a unique and intriguing sight—the world’s largest fork. While locating this colossal utensil may be challenging to locate, it is well worth the search. Serving as a captivating landmark, the giant fork captures the imagination and sparks curiosity. Its impressive size and distinctive presence add a touch of whimsy to the cityscape. For those seeking offbeat attractions, the world’s largest fork in Springfield is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

26. Montana: Safeguard Montana Complex

In remote Montana, the Safeguard Montana Complex stands as a haunting reminder of a failed military project. Dubbed “The Million Dollar Fuck-Up,” this abandoned facility near Tiber Dam emits an eerie atmosphere. Now repurposed for paintball battles and parties, it offers thrill-seekers a unique experience in the heart of nowhere. Despite its unsettling history, the Safeguard Montana Complex showcases the resilience of Montana’s landscape.

27. Nebraska: Carhenge

In Alliance, Nebraska, a quirky attraction awaits Carhenge. This unique creation replicates the famous Stonehenge monument but with cars instead of stones. The sight is a fascinating blend of art and automotive culture. To add to the whimsy, you’ll also find scrap metal dinosaurs scattered around the area, adding a touch of mystery and fun. Don’t miss the chance to experience this offbeat tribute to history and creativity in the heart of Nebraska.

28. Nevada: Area 51 Alien Mailbox

Located in Rachel, Nevada, a captivating landmark awaits the enigmatic Area 51 mailbox. Standing just 12 miles from the infamous Area 51, this solitary structure intrigues UFO enthusiasts and curious visitors alike. Serving as the only point of interest for 40 miles, it has become a popular meeting spot for those fascinated by extraterrestrial mysteries. Whether you find it eerie, charming, or simply weird, the Rachel mailbox offers an intriguing experience for those venturing into the unknown.

29. New Hampshire: America’s Stonehenge

Visit America’s Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire—a captivating historic site. Despite its dissimilarity to Stonehenge, this location offers scenic trails for hiking and snowshoeing. Unravel the mysteries and immerse yourself in history and natural beauty. Whether a history enthusiast or outdoor adventurer, America’s Stonehenge is a must-visit, blending curiosity and exploration in a picturesque setting.

30. New Jersey: Lucy the Elephant

Located in Margate City, south of Atlantic City, Lucy the Elephant is a towering 65-foot structure. Though climbing to the top is no longer permitted since Hurricane Sandy, Lucy remains an iconic landmark. Visitors can still explore her interior during designated hours. Once a venue for multiple businesses, Lucy stands as a testament to history, captivating visitors with her remarkable presence.

31. New Mexico: The World’s Largest Pistachio

In Alamogordo, New Mexico stands an eye-catching attraction—the “World’s Largest Pistachio” statue. This larger-than-life sculpture, located by the main road, draws attention with its whimsical presence. While opinions may vary, this iconic pistachio statue has become a distinctive landmark that sparks curiosity and invites travelers to discover the unique charm of Alamogordo.

32. New York: The Big Duck

The Big Duck, built in the 1930s, was a duck-shaped marketplace in Long Island. It represents the region’s agricultural past when duck farms flourished. As suburbs grew, the farms disappeared, but the Big Duck remains as a nostalgic reminder. The Long Island Ducks baseball team honors this rural heritage.

33. North Carolina: World’s Largest Frying Pan

Rose Hill, North Carolina, boasts the world’s largest operating frying pan—a sizzling attraction that lives up to its title. This colossal kitchen utensil is used for actual cooking annually, showcasing the town’s culinary pride. A symbol of local tradition and a draw for visitors, the frying pan in Rose Hill is a must-see marvel that captures the sizzling excitement of the town.

34. North Dakota: Salem Sue

In North Dakota, you’ll encounter Salem Sue, the World’s Largest Holstein Cow—a remarkable sight that captures the essence of rural life. Towering over the landscape, Salem Sue stands as a testament to the state’s agricultural heritage. With incredibly lifelike veiny udders, this iconic statue adds a touch of realism and charm to the scenery. Whether you’re a cow enthusiast or simply appreciate unique landmarks, Salem Sue is a must-visit attraction that celebrates the rich farming traditions of North Dakota.

35. Ohio: The Basket Building

In Newark, Ohio, the iconic Longaberger Basket Building stands tall—a seven-story structure resembling the company’s woven baskets. Built-in 1997 for offices, it closed in 2014 but remains a landmark for giving directions. Despite its idle state, the building adds whimsy to Newark’s skyline, serving as a distinctive architectural marvel that sparks the imagination.

36. Oklahoma: Blue Whale of Catoosa

A colossal statue of a blue whale is located in Catoosa, Oklahoma. This larger-than-life sculpture has become an iconic landmark along the historic Route 66. With its vibrant blue color and impressive size, the whale attracts visitors from near and far. It serves as a nostalgic reminder of the golden age of road trips and the enduring allure of America’s most famous highway. Don’t miss the chance to marvel at this magnificent blue whale statue as you journey along Route 66 in Oklahoma.

37. Oregon: Mill’s End Park, aka “The Smallest Park in the World.”

In Portland, Oregon, you’ll find the world’s smallest park—a quirky attraction that draws curious visitors. Often mentioned in guidebooks, this diminutive park may leave some underwhelmed. Situated in the middle of a crosswalk, it is essentially a bush that many people pass without realizing its significance. While it may not meet everyone’s expectations, the smallest park remains a lighthearted and somewhat amusing stop for those seeking offbeat sights in Portland.

38. Pennsylvania: The Coffee Pot

In Bedford County, Pennsylvania, stands the world’s largest coffee pot—an exciting and unique attraction. While Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have their famous landmarks, this colossal coffee pot adds its own charm. Celebrating the love for coffee, it stands as a delightful monument worth experiencing. Don’t miss the chance to witness this caffeine-fueled wonder and add it to your Pennsylvania itinerary.

39. Rhode Island: The Big Blue Bug

Outside Providence, Rhode Island, the Big Blue Bug stands as an iconic sight for I-95 drivers. Come the holidays, this beloved bug sports antlers and a red nose to add a festive touch. Vandalism sparked a passionate community response, showcasing Rhode Islanders’ deep attachment. Restored and protected, the Big Blue Bug symbolizes local pride, capturing the hearts of all who encounter this quirky landmark.

40. South Carolina: The Peachoid

A notable sight awaits travelers in Gaffney, South Carolina—a peach-shaped water tower visible from multiple interstate exits. Fondly referred to as “The Butt” by locals, this iconic structure holds the official name of The Peachoid. Its whimsical design adds a touch of charm to the landscape, leaving a lasting impression on visitors passing through. Whether you appreciate its resemblance or admire its unique architecture, The Peachoid is a memorable landmark that embodies the spirit of South Carolina.

41. South Dakota: The World’s Only Corn Palace

In Mitchell, South Dakota, the Corn Palace is a unique attraction. Its facade undergoes annual transformations with intricate corn artwork, showcasing the cultural significance of corn. In the movie Dodgeball, Justin Long wears a Corn Palace T-shirt, adding to its quirky charm and pop culture reference. Don’t miss the chance to witness this artistic spectacle and immerse yourself in South Dakota’s rich heritage at the Corn Palace.

42. Tennessee: The Sunsphere

In Tennessee, my city hosted the 1982 World’s Fair, leaving behind a notable landmark—the Sunsphere. This iconic structure resembles a colossal golden disco ball on a stick, adding a touch of whimsy to our skyline. As a fun pop culture reference, even Bart and company from The Simpsons bought wigs from the Sunsphere in an episode. The Sunsphere stands as a reminder of our city’s vibrant history and unique contributions to the world stage.

43. Texas: Prada Marfa

In Valentine, Texas, Prada Marfa is a captivating art installation—a sculpture of a Prada store in the desolate landscape. Blurring fashion and art, it intrigues visitors from afar. Symbolizing luxury and isolation, it challenges norms and invites reflection. Don’t miss this thought-provoking creation that defies expectations in the Texan wilderness.

44. Utah: The Snelgrove/Jimmy John’s Black Ice Cream Cone

In Salt Lake City, two iconic rotating ice cream cone signs can be found on different sides of the city. One of these signs, preserved for its historical value, became part of Jimmy John’s establishment. The sign was painted black to honor the history, creating a charming fusion of old and new. The distinctive black rotating ice cream cone adds a unique touch to Salt Lake City’s landscape.

45. Vermont: The Whale Tails

In South Burlington, Vermont, a captivating sculpture named “Reverence” stands as a profound symbol of the planet’s fragility. Created by Jim Sardonis in 1989, this artwork depicts two whale tails gracefully “diving” into a sea of grass. As visitors travel on I-89, they have the opportunity to catch a glimpse of this thought-provoking sculpture, which serves as a reminder of our responsibility to cherish and protect our environment.

46. Virginia: The Roanoke Star

Perched atop a mountain in Roanoke, Virginia, the Roanoke Star proudly shines as the largest manmade star in the country. Affectionately known as the “star city,” Roanoke derives its nickname from this iconic landmark. Whether you choose to hike or drive up the mountain, reaching the Roanoke Star offers not only the opportunity to capture breathtaking pictures but also a chance to admire the magnificent panoramic views that unfold before you.

47. Washington: The Fremont Troll

In Seattle, beneath a bridge, an enchanting troll statue awaits. Clutching a Volkswagen Beetle, this colossal gem captivates with its whimsical charm. A beloved landmark, it embodies the city’s vibrant art scene and sparks wonder in all who encounter it. Discover Seattle’s hidden troll and embark on a journey of imagination and delight.

48. West Virginia: The Pink Elephant

In Barboursville, West Virginia, a life-size pink elephant stands proudly on the side of Route 60. Originally bought as a gift by a man for his wife during a business trip, it found a permanent place in front of their store. This quirky statue has become a beloved roadside attraction that adds a touch of whimsy to the town. Don’t miss the chance to spot the iconic pink elephant and embrace the joy it brings to passersby.

49. Wisconsin: The World’s Largest Six Pack

La Crosse, Wisconsin, proudly boasts the largest six-pack of beer in the world—a symbol of hometown pride and love for the brewing heritage. This colossal display showcases the region’s deep-rooted connection to the art of beer-making. As you gaze upon the towering cans, you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia and warmth, reminding you that you’re in the heart of beer country. Raise a glass to La Crosse and savor the essence of home sweet home.

50. Wyoming: Hell’s Half Acre

Nestled along Highway 20, Hell’s Half Acre in Powder River, WY beckons as an ideal roadside attraction. This intriguing site features a ravine adorned with rugged rock formations, captivating passersby with its natural beauty. Adding to its allure, Hell’s Half Acre served as the filming location for the fictional planet Klendathu in the movie Starship Troopers. Discover the wonders of this unique landscape and immerse yourself in its cinematic and geological marvels.