Leaving things right next to where they go

Women get endlessly frustrated when their partners put objects in nearly the right place. Laundry left next to the laundry basket, keys left next to the bowl they belong in, that sort of thing. If it would take less than five extra seconds to put an item in the exact place it belongs, why not just put it there already? It really isn’t that hard.

Postponing issues

While it can at first sound rather nice for someone to ask you to address an issue later and not make a scene, it’s only helpful if they actually do come back to address the issue! People who cannot address things that need to be done or talked about in relationships drive women crazy. Problems need solving, not delaying, or they’ll turn into even bigger problems.

Putting empty packets back

There’s nothing worse than finding your favourite snack in the pantry only to grasp for the packet to find it empty. What kind of hooligan would put an empty packet back instead of just putting the leftover plastic in the bin? If you’re in a relationship with a woman, this is one of the most irritating things to them, so you should avoid it at all costs.

Refusing to read the instructions

If doing things the correct way made absolutely no difference, this probably wouldn’t bother women so much. However, refusing to read the instructions and then either getting frustrated or completing the task at hand incorrectly as a result is just infuriating. reading instructions takes about five minutes maximum and will make everyone’s lives easier and more peaceful.

Joking when they’re trying to be serious

Women love a partner who can make them laugh, but it is crucial that they also realise there’s a time and a place for such things. If a woman is trying to have a serious conversation with her partner, there is nothing worse you could do than try and turn it into a joke. This is intensely frustrating and will make her feel like you are demeaning her views and like you don’t care about her.

Giving unsolicited advice

When a woman is upset, that does not mean she wants or needs advice on how to fix her situation. If advice was not explicitly asked for, you should not be giving it! Being given advice when you’re not wanting it can be incredibly annoying, because it can make a woman feel like you think you know better than her. Instead, prioritise her feelings about the situation over trying to fix things.

Not being curious about her

Nothing will annoy a woman more on a first date than continuously talking about yourself and not asking her a single question. This can continue on into the relationship stage. In a relationship, women want someone who isn’t just attracted to them, but who is genuinely interested in them as a person. Not asking questions and being curious about her can be pretty irritating to a woman, especially if you’re not short on words about yourself.

Talking about what you find hot or not in women

Women should not have to change themselves to fit your standards, so talking about women as if they should is endlessly irritating to them. The woman you’re dating is not interested in whether you think an accentuated bust or blonde hair is more attractive than what she currently looks like. In fact, she probably thinks you should find her more attractive because you love her and the rest shouldn’t matter so much to you.

Turning every conversation into a debate

Sometime you just want to be able to chat without things turning into a huge deal. Someone who wants to debate every topic doesn’t seem to get that. It’s okay to debate things sometimes, of course; doing so can be healthy and keep your brains active, but be conscientious of your partner’s feelings and stress levels when you start this. If she doesn’t react well, back off since she’s probably finding it annoying.

Needing to be told to do any chores

It is not your partner’s job to tell you which chores around the house need doing in order for you to actually do any of them. You are an adult after all! This is one of women’s biggest pet peeves in a partner and it is something that is being talked about more now: how women bear the brunt of the mental load of domestic labour in households. Don’t fall into this trap if you want your partner to remain as enamoured with you as the day she met you.