Matthew Fox then

Credit: r/Lost via Reddit

Matthew Fox played the lead role in Lost as Dr Jack Shephard. After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, the islanders needed a leader, and a reluctant Jack stepped up, beginning a rollercoaster journey on the island for him. Fox’s TV debut actually came in another show featuring planes, NBC’s Wings, in 1990, although he only featured in one episode.

Matthew Fox now

Fox hit London’s West End after Lost, starring in the stage play In the Forest, Dark and Deep, alongside Olivia Williams. Movie roles in 2015 included Extinction and Bone Tomahawk. Fox had a falling out with fellow Lost cast member Dominic Monaghan after Monaghan tweeted “He beats women. Not isolated incidents. Often”, following an accusation of assault made against Fox. Fox was not charged and he denies any wrongdoing.

Evangeline Lilly then

Evangeline Lilly played the female lead of Kate Austen in Lost. Lilly beat out an audition casting of 75 other women to land what would be her breakout role. Playing the part of a stranded felon and love interest of Jack and Sawyer, Lilly earned herself a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Drama Series.

Evangeline Lilly now

Lilly’s time on Lost propelled her to A-list status. She worked on The Hobbit franchise and joined the Marvel Universe in 2015, as Hope van Dyne in the Ant-Man series. Lilly sparked controversy in 2020 after refusing to self-quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming ‘business as usual’ on Instagram. She later apologised for her actions.

Terry O’Quinn then

Terry O’Quinn played John Locke in Lost. O’Quinn’s portrayal of Locke would see O’Quinn win the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series in 2007. Before Lost, O’Quinn would come to prominence after his breakthrough role in The Stepfather movies in the late 80s, showcasing his skill and range as an actor.

Terry O’Quinn now

O’Quinn would go on to feature in the television series Falling Skies in 2012 and Secrets and Lies in 2016. O’Quinn would also appear in Netflix’s Pieces of Her in 2021. Given the popularity of the John Locke character, O’Quinn has been able to utilise the fan site Cameo, where he records video messages for fans. O’Quinn has made thousands of dollars with all proceeds going to the Virginia Beach SPCA.

Elizabeth Mitchell then

Elizabeth Mitchell would join the cast of Lost in season 3 as Dr Juliet Burke. Dr Burke would go on to become a love interest of Jack and eventual long-term partner of Sawyer. A part of the Others set of islanders, Dr Burke’s betrayal of them would see Mitchell’s character put front and center of the show.

Elizabeth Mitchell now

Mitchell would leave the cast of Lost in season 6. This followed online speculation of the character’s death after it was revealed Mitchell would play the lead in the new ABC series V in 2009. V would only last two seasons. Mitchell has been happily married to Coyote Ugly actor Chris Soldevilla since 2004.

Jorge Garcia then

Jorge Garcia played the numbers-obsessed Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes on Lost. Hurley provided the comic relief early on in the series, yet as the show developed, so did Hurley’s character, with him eventually becoming the proverbial heart of the island. The role of Hurley was created especially for Garcia after producers saw him on Curb Your Enthusiasm the night before casting.

Jorge Garcia now

Garcia’s character Hurley proved such a cultural hit, rock group Weezer named their 2010 album after him and featured Garcia on the cover. Garcia would join the cast of Hawaii Five-0 in 2013, where he would get to work alongside his then girlfriend, now wife, Rebecca Birdsall. The long-term couple married in 2019. He was last on our screens as a losing contestant in The Masked Singer in 2022.