A Full English breakfast

Although there’s likely a placebo effect at play, thousands swear by the hearty fry-up to weather the storm of a hangover for scientific reasons. Eating a plate full of fried goods replaces the fatty acids and breaks down the alcohol in your liver. Make sure to ask for as many eggs as possible, as they contain taurine, which can reverse liver damage caused by booze.


Instead of loading yourself with a fat fry-up, you may want to tuck into some asparagus the morning after the night before. Research has found that extracts of asparagus leaves and shoots contain a ton of amino acids and minerals that help alleviate hangover symptoms. Better yet, they have liver-protective properties.


Ginseng? The Chinese root? Yes, Ginseng the Chinese root can cure hangover symptoms. Herbalists have been using ginseng to treat anything from stress to asthma for centuries. More recently, adrink made from red ginseng proved to do the trick for those suffering in a small study. Sibrian ginseng, though unrelated to the Chinese version, has also been found to cure headache, dizziness and stomach pains.

Drink water in between alcoholic drinks

This might sound like a bit of a chore, especially when you’re trying to have a good time, but if you wanna slash your odds of getting a nasty hangover, you should seriously consider this. Drinking booze blocks the creation of a vasopressin, which retains water in the body. Without it, water goes straight to the bladder. So try having at least half a pint of water between drinks and a few at home to avoid dehydration.


As mentioned, dehydration is your main enemy when it comes to a hangover, so it makes sense to take something that will aid that. Isotonic drinsk such as Lucozade and Powerade will help you out as they replace salts and sugars at a rapid pace. Alternatively, you can take a Dioralyte sachet, which are actually for diarrhoea but work in the same way (replacing salts and minerals)

Avoid darker-coloured drinks

Studies have shown that clear drinks like gin or vodka can cause hangovers less frequently than dark ones like red wine or whiskey. Darker drinks contain chemically related compounds like methanol, which your enzymes will process along with the ethanol. Methanol is especially toxic and therefore could lead to a bigger headache the next day.


Ever woken up wildly early after a night on the razz and thought, “Why God, why?” That’s because alcohol disrupts sleep. Doctors recommend getting as much sleep as possible throughout the day to amend the sleep you lost earlier. This is probably the easiest method to ease a hangover out there.

Phyllanthus Amarus

One small study found taking Phyllanthus amarus extract twice a day for 10 days helped lower blood alcohol levels, ease hangover symptoms and improve mood in common drinkers. You can find smoe of this stuff from any online herb shop if there aren’t any physical ones close by. They might go by “stone breaker” as it can also reduce risk of kidney stones.

Korean pear juice

You’ve probably lost count of the amount of times you’ve walked past Korean pear juice in the supermarket and wondered exactly what it is. Well, it can be a fairly good hangover remedy. Research has shown drinking about 7 1/2 ounces helps lower blood alcohol levels and makes hangovers less intense. But you have to drink it BEFORE you start boozing.

Tomato juice

You may have heard of this one given the popularity of a Bloody Mary among those afflicted by a hangover. While we couldn’t possibly promote the idea of drinking more alcohol on a hangover (even though it works 100% of the time), there are actual benefits to the tomato juice element of the famous cocktail, as it contains vitamin C, an antioxidant which neutralises the by-products of alcohol metabolism.