This is the promotional video for a haunted house like no other.

McKamey Manor who have a waiting list of over 17,000 people is maybe taking the whole haunted house experience a little too far with their experience they refer to as “living in a horror movie”.

Before entering the house you have to sign a waiver agreeing to certain levels of physical abuse. This includes being held against your will, punched, kicked and even bound & gagged. The place is on the edge of being legal but as the people entering do agree to the waiver, they are allowed to continue.

Whereas a normal haunted house experience will last 20 minutes or maybe half an hour in large groups, McKamey only let individuals or maybe 2 people max to go inside. They also stay inside for between 4 and 6 hours undergoing the terror.


The experience is so terrifying and such a huge ordeal that very few people complete the whole 6 hours. As the participants leave the experience you can see they are often bruised and scarred but all say they are glad they did it. It really does leave me wondering why these people want to put themselves through such torture.