Two dancers push the limits of choreography to make what appears on the stages of Cirque de Soleil shows and the Hollywood hit The Matrix look as real as watching a GoPro video of Europe’s top wing suit flyers. Introducing Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber; they are members of the Bandaloop Dance Company located in Oakland, California. The Company recently graced the walls of Oakland’s City Hall with dance. Yes, you read that right – they danced on the walls. In fact, the entire Bandaloop Company specializes in extreme dance art well over the heads of their audiences. Again, this is not Cirque de Soleil, but very similar, out of the box and clearly well off-stage (more like above it!).

Specializing in suspended/vertical dance, the Bandaloop company has unparalleled liberty to effortlessly maneuver about as if they were in outer space. Speaking of wing suit flyers, they too capture their experiences, offering a real-time perspective of their performances via GoPro cameras mounted to their bodies. The Bandaloop troop continues to awe and inspire audiences around the globe as they perform in real-time gravity-defying movements that take one’s breath away.




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