Unless you have been living under a rock, you will have heard about the Poker playing play-boy millionaire Dan Blazon. All the Girls, guns and gambling are recurring themes on Bilzerian’s Instagram feed which now has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Dan Bilzerian living life to the full.
Dan Bilzerian living life to the full.

I can imagine without all the money, Bilzerian Instagram would look a lot different. It would actually probably look more similar to that of Nad Bilzerian. Nad is clearly less well off than Dan bur is making the most of what he has. Here are some of the hilarious shots from his Instagram.

Below are a few of our favourite shots posted thus far. I say go follow him and see how he rolls.

Just like the real Dan Bilzerian he rides in style.

Just like Dan Bilzerian, Nad has a great collection of weapons.

He also sets sail regularly in his yacht.

Cruised into #morocco with group a bad #bitches for some camel racing and bad decisions this week.#monacoisso2013

The flight attendant said “no adults” but when I rolled up passing out skittles like a #muthafuckinboss those kids stepped aside and let me board.

How the other half live

My PE teacher once told me I had weak lungs and that I’d never amount to anything… Well I’m a little outta breath but I just blew 2 chicks at the same time so I think it’s fair to say that he was wrong. #nopump#winded #noHolesWtf

This is Nad’s mantra on life

Photos Courtesy: Instagram