When She Started Her Maid of Honor Speech, They Had no Idea it Would be This Good

Weddings can be pretty dull events until the entertainment starts. Jennifer Gabrielli of Redondo Beach, Calif is the first maid of honor I have ever seen get a standing ovation. In the video below you will see why her speech was so awesome.

It was also likely the first time any of the other guests had seen a maid of honor or any other wedding speaker for that matter make their toast to the backing track of Eminem’s hit “Without Me,”.

“I memorize songs faster than I memorize speeches, so in school anything I had to memorize I’d make it into a song and sing it in the class,” Gabrielli, 24, told  “I play the piano and write music and love to sing so it was better for me personally to write a rap that I’d remember than write a speech.”

“And I didn’t want to get up there and get nervous and forget everything or start to cry,” she added.

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'