You are highly generous

lavishAttaining primal energy is a personal pursuit but not a selfish one. Those who exude it show great generosity as achieving optimum mental strength results in an abundant spirit. You want to lavish others or at the very least lift them up with you. “Going out of your way” isn’t in your vocabulary.

You question everything

Compliance can be easy and sometimes helpful but in a lot of cases, never challenging the status quo can you leave in a sticky situation. Those who have tapped into their raw energy have no choice but to answer every question with a question, lest they find their goals compromised by someone exuding negative energy.

You are logical and emotive

Being an emotionless zombie doesn’t do anyone any favours, not least those with primal energy. Still, letting your emotions get in the way of cold hard facts is a flaw. If an emotion can lead you somewhere good, by all means follow it, but if it errs with progress, don’t be afraid to assess it sensibly.

You are open-minded

Having a belief in yourself and your ability to adapt is all well and good, but if you don’t have the ability to hear people out, you’re worth nothing. Having an open mind is second nature to those with primal energy. Each living soul is in a constant state of evolution, so who’s to say what you believed last week couldn’t be improved upon by a stranger?

You are proactive

As someone blessed with primal energy, you are in the driver’s seat of life. Sitting back and hoping others will come to your rescue and sort out all of your problems is not an option. You instinctively know that in order for things to change for the better, you have to get out there and smash it.

You are an optimistic realist

Optimism is a positive trait, but nothing in existence is without its flaws. Striking a balance between optimism and realism is your best chance of making it through this life with a clear mind. Sometimes in life, ugliness takes centre stage and to deny that is to deny what it means to be human. Look struggle dead in the eye and seek peace in the uncertainty of life.

You make others feel good

If you have primal energy, the simple act of entering a room will turn heads in admiration, wonder and curiosity. Your sheer primal vibes will have a second-hand effect on the people around you, making them greater characters with a more loving and ambitious nature.

You live in the moment

Those exuding primal energy do not dwell on nostalgia for the past and/or anxiety for the past. Instead, you are grateful for what you have in the present and turn the mundane into extraordinary moments. That means no time-wasting on smartphones, no meals in front of the television. You savour even the small things which those around you tend to take for granted.

You have good posture

One of the classic markers of a primal energetic spirit is incredible body posture. Stand up straight, unfold your arms and put your shoulders back to make sure people know you’re approachable and reliable. You’d be surprised just how far good posture goes in a world where everyone is hunched over technology.

You are a gifted visualiser

Those who are unfortunately bereft of raw, primal energy can often mistake visualisation with something monumental. They think they have to ‘visualise’ climbing Everest, creating a profitable business empire or some other huge goal. Those teeming with raw, primal energy know how to visualise simpler, more conducive goals such as offering advice or support to a loved one. In this way, you use your own powers to raise the game of others.