First things first, being single is a GREAT thing to be. Everyone should spend at least one year of their life single. We can stretch out in bed, watch what we want on TV and see who we want, when we want.

Do what we want, when we want!

It’s important to learn that you are fine on your own and it’s important to be able to look after yourself. When there is danger, the human response is either fight or flight, it’s not; go and get some help. For us to survive we have to bloody well look after ourselves.

Being responsible for yourself is great, you’re FREE. Chillin’ doing your own thing. You can date as many people as you like; it’s not a crime to have some male company when you want it. Don’t focus on trying to get male attention. If it comes, it comes.

You don’t NEED a man but if you want one around sometimes, have one! Chill out and forget about finding the right man. Being single can be a real self-esteem booster. More men will show an interest in you while your single and you’ll soon find in time that when you know what you want, you’ll have your pick!


It is time to stop worrying about being single and embrace your happiness and your freedom.