Rise & Shine – The Greatest Motivator of All Time; A Must See

One of the most inspirational videos ever…

Ya know how Rocky’s Eye of the Tiger sends flashbacks of the award-winning flick through your mind to the pounding beat of the 80’s classic hit? Well this just might leave you with the same tingling sensation. Featuring Olympic champions Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, this remarkable video brings a sledgehammer to eradicate any hint of procrastination lurking in your mind when it comes to keepin’ on keepin’ on for the gold in your life. Red Productions ( provides a killer audio track that will inspire you to set that alarm even earlier than you could imagine possible. So let these words and sounds seep deep into your core and light a fire that cannot be quenched – no looking back – game on!

Rise & Shine

It’s 6am and your hand overrides your mind, telling you it’s too dark, too early and way too cold to leave a warm bed. Alarm off means feet on the floor.

Sore muscles scream – they beg you to cease and desist. You ignore them – pretending not to hear the cries. Your mind begins to override the pleas – it commands your body what to do.

In unison, countless voices shriek at the top of their lungs inside you – desperately trying to woo you back to a restful sleep. But, they don’t have an invitation to the party. Their vote carries no weight this morning.

You choose to be insubordinate to the ordinary. Mediocrity is not an option – and neither is failure. You are a cut above and nothing is going to stop you from keeping it that way.

And then there’s that solitary voice of reason that speaks boldly yet without shouting, “Suit up – we’ve got work to do.”

Greetings. The Grind Awaits.

What’s a day be without 10,000 choices to be made – there’s doing it the right way and doing it the convenient way. The options are bitter enemies – with you stuck in the middle. You see past the alleged promises – knowing that the path of least resistance will not yield what you desire. There’s no room to take chances. This is it.

The thing is, you chose a narrow path. Distracted, as you realize you seldom see others, you are tempted to jump stream in order to join the crowd. Compromise is the key to devaluing principles. With each sinking step on the road more traveled, what first appeared alluring soon displays its lack of reward.

Just making sure you’re all in. The easy way out will always be right by your side, just one decision away. Face forward. Pick up your feet and march on, soldier. Those other paths don’t lead to where you know you are destined to be.

You’re On Your Way Now

With great labor, each step births the next.

This is not the time to focus on how far you’ve come. Your invisible opponent awaits you.

Oh but you can sense him breathing on the back of your neck can’t you?

Feel him right up on your heels, almost pressing into your back.

And ya know what that is, right? It’s yourself – the sum of all fears within tracking you down. Doubts, fears and anxieties desire to heap their weight upon you, dragging you knee-deep into the sinking mud.

Don’t Give Up

They may put up a good fight, but we know who the true victor is.
Remember where you are – this what you have been waiting for – The Grind.

The Epic Showdown is between you, the matter between your ears, your body and that discouraging devil lying to you as he sits idly on your shoulder. He persuasively whispers, “This is dumb – a waste of time. You’d perform better with more sleep – you know that. Perhaps tomorrow is a better time.”

Your own Heartbeat Drowns Out Uncertainty

Self-doubt can’t stand the heat of the fire that burns in you.

You keep you eyes on the war, not just the battle at hand.  You know why you fight.

Momentum is not such a forgiving mistress – the smallest mistake and she’s off in another direction – abandoning you amidst a great battle.

Clever, she relentlessly searches for the chink in your armor – the one area you ignored or for which you are otherwise unprepared.

She asks, “Is that all you got? Really? Are you sure?”

And when you can finally answer “Yes,” then it’s time to, with tenacity and fortitude, face the enemy within.

Only this time the fight must be out in the open, in unfriendly terrain.

Surrounded by Hungry Tigers…

All preying upon the same beast means only one thing – it’s do or die. Anything less than VICTORY will mean certain death.

And then there’s that voice inside, the one that says, “Push it! You can run faster. You can throw harder. You can dig deeper. Come on!” Forget physics – we’re going for glory!

Some think winning comes via luck. Others know it is a choice and produce the sweat to prove it.  Destiny waits for no one – decide now – the choice is yours. Silence the voices that question your preparedness. Amplify those that say you are ready – get your game face on – it’s show time. The victory is entirely up to you.

So rise and shine.

By Hannah Jones

Hannah is a Manchester based writer who has spent many years studying and working in the field of journalism and psychology. Hannah enjoys swimming, meditation and dog walking. Her favourite quote is, 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.'