Poisonous Gas Used to Be Manufactured Here — You’ll Never Believe Who Lives Here Now!

Ōkunohima is a small, ferry-accessible island in the Sea of Japan. Its role during World War II was key for Japan as it was the home of poisonous gas production. Much of the chemical warfare carried out in main land China stemmed from what was produced in Ōkunohima.

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Ruins of a gas production plant

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The structure that used to house the power supply for the factory now stands empty.

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This museum opened in 1988 to inform others about the role of poisonous gas during the War.

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But what is this? It’s not every day that a bunny Wabbit and a Tori gate share a camera frame!

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And where ever there is one or two bunnies, you know there are whole bunch more!

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Lot ‘o Wabbits! The culprit?

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Students released (only) 8 bunnies on the island in 1971…

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Doing what rabbits do, the 7,500 square foot island now houses over 300 floppy-eared friends.

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So the place where death-inducing poison was created is now home to loads of life-giving bunnies.

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Tourists flock each year to “Rabbit Island”

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Looks like they are making friends!

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And getting a little meal too!

By Hannah Jones

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