Is it a compliment to be compared to them?

One of the biggest signs that your partner is right for you is that you admire their personality and their values. Therefore, it’s worth asking yourself how you would feel if your friend said the words “You know, you and your partner are so alike!” If you would feel flattered or happy about the comparison, then it’s likely you know your other half is a good person.

Do your future plans include them?

In any healthy relationship, it’s normal to have goals and ambitions that have little to do with your partner. With that said, if when you imagine your future, your other half is totally absent or playing a very minimal role in your life, that could mean that subconsciously you don’t think your relationship is going to last. Either that, or you don’t see it as worth investing in.

How do your friends feel about them?

Obviously, you shouldn’t make all romantic choices based on your friends’ approval. However, if every single one of your pals has an issue with your other half, or you’ve avoided introducing them because you’re worried about what they might think, then that’s a sign that you already know the person is not a good fit for you. That, or they’re not a good person period.

Do you like them as well as love them?

Love is a crucial component of any relationship, but one thing that’s often overlooked is that it is just as important to like your partner as well. In a long-term or serious relationship, your other half isn’t just your romantic partner, but also your roommate and your friend. If you don’t share the same humour or even enjoy their company outside of dates, that could become an issue.

Would you trust them to look after a friend’s pet?

One of the best and most reliable ways to see what kind of person someone is is to see how they act around children or animals. If you wouldn’t let your other half take care of a friend’s dog while they’re on vacation, then that probably means you don’t think they’re very responsible, caring or dedicated. These are all qualities that most people need in a partner.

Do you feel able to change and grow?

A relationship, especially one of the long-term and serious variety, should feel like a safe and comfortable place to be. With that said, one thing you should never feel in your relationship is stifled or complacent. If you worry that pushing harder in your career or picking up a new interest will make your partner feel defensive or insecure, then that’s a bad sign.

Are you excited to talk about them?

Nobody likes it when you show up to a brunch with friends and gab about your partner for hours. The opposite is just as bad of a sign though; if you avoid talking about your other half completely, then it’s worth interrogating why. Are you worried that the more your pals know about your relationship, the less they’ll approve? Or do you simply have nothing nice to say?

How have they responded to difficult times?

It’s easy to feel like your relationship is the right one when everything in both your lives is going well. What’s more telling is how your partner acts when things get tough. Looking back on things like arguments, familial deaths, financial strife or health issues will give you a better picture of if your other half makes you feel supported and able to take on challenges.

Are you compromising too much?

No relationship is perfectly 50/50, and it’s impossible to get your way 100% of the time when you’re in a partnership. With that said, if you feel like you’re constantly making changes to your lifestyle, finances, goals and opinions to satisfy your partner then that’s a problem, especially if they don’t seem to be making similar sacrifices for you.

Do you have shared things to bond over?

In any healthy relationship, both parties will have friendships and hobbies that they pursue individually. However, ideally, you should at least have a couple of interests and loves in common. If you can’t remember the last time you and your other half so much as enjoyed a movie together, let alone went dancing, took a trip to the theatre or gamed together, it might be time to rethink your compatibility.