Do I trust this person?

This one sounds obvious, but early on in a relationship, it’s something not everyone thinks about. Trust is the cornerstone of a strong relationship. Reflect on whether you trust your potential partner’s intentions, words, and actions. Both partners should feel secure and confident in each other’s commitments.

What are my priorities?

Reflect on your life goals and priorities. Assess whether a relationship aligns with these aspirations or if it might hinder your personal growth. If a relationship right now will get in the way of your future plans, consider it. Balancing your individual goals with a relationship’s needs is essential for long-term compatibility.

Do we share the same values?

Core values shape decisions, behaviors, and the overall direction of a relationship. Evaluate whether you and your potential partner share fundamental beliefs about family, religion, ethics, and other significant aspects of life. Better to know these things at the start of a relationship, rather than when it’s too late.

What are my deal-breakers?

Clearly define your deal-breakers – those traits, behaviors, or circumstances you cannot tolerate in a relationship. Go into it knowing that if your standards aren’t met, there’s no compromise. Knowing and setting these boundaries will help you know where you are from the start.

Do we share the same financial outlook?

Money. It seems like it’s always a dirty word. Having clarity over the financial lifestyle of a future relationship is key, no matter how awkward the conversation may be. Would a new relationship scupper your savings goals? Do you even know your partner’s outlook when it comes to their finances?

Have I been in this situation before?

Reflecting on past experiences can go a long way in helping you make a decision. Do you have the same feelings as when you approached your last relationship? Identifying similar red flags from a previous partnership is a good sign this one could end up the same way. We all have our own experiences, good or bad. Use them.

Am I emotionally ready for this?

Starting a new relationship should be filled with excitement and the possibilities of the future. Making sure you are ready for the emotional changes you will feel should be a priority, though. Falling for someone, and them falling for you, comes with a weight of emotional responsibility. Make sure you are ready for it.

Can I see myself living with this person?

While the prospect of cohabiting with your new partner may seem like a long-distant reality, it is something you should think about. Long-term relationships do require sacrifice and compromise, and nothing tests that like living together. Can you handle sharing your daily routine with them?

Do you want children?

Another question that people often think is too early to ask at the start of a relationship, but it’s kind of a big one. Whether you would be comfortable having kids with your partner is something you should think about before committing, especially if you already know that your partner wants them. If you are even remotely unsure of the answer, you probably have your answer right there.

Do we share the same interests?

While relationships between a gym enthusiast and a couch potato can work out, it’s worth asking yourself if it would for you. If you can’t live without your daily workout session or your online gaming time, is this something your potential partner would participate in or at least support you in? Shared interests go a long way.