What you are about to read and watch is so amazing that you may not even believe me. Well it is all true and you can check for yourself on Wikipedia.

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This is the story of Frane Selak, an elderly music teacher from Croatia.

1962 – He was on a train which derailed and crashed into a river. Most of the passengers died but Frane managed to swim to shore and to safety.

1962 – On a small plane both engines stopped working. He got sucked out of the aircraft due to a malfunctioning door.


1965 – While travelling by bus, ice on the road casued the bus to crash through the safety guard and into the freezing cold water below. Some of the passengers died but Frane survived.


1970 – His car engine burst into flames but he managed to jump out and get away before it exploded.

1973 – He got a new car but the fuel pump ruptured and blew flames into his face. He lost his hair but still survived.

1995 – Survived being hit buy bus.

1996 – He was forced off the road. His car plunged 300 feet off a cliff edge. He jumped out of the window and was found clinging to a tree unhurt.


2003 – At the age of 72, for the first time in 40 years, he bought a lottery ticket. It was his first in 40 years.

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