At last – the father-son moment has arrived. Junior made it safely into the world with all fingers and toes – and apparently that’s not all. New dad, Al Ferguson, takes his newborn to a professional photographer to capture the moment of a lifetime – one he knew he could never get back. In an Anne Geddes fashion, his son was propped up on Dad’s forearm while appearing to be asleep. Maybe not. Suddenly the small boy shifted and from his bottom shot in projectile fashion poop all over his Dad. And of course, the camera was running and captured the entire moment.

All new parents know their day is coming when they will be pooped on. Few actually have it happen to them in public and even fewer in public and with a professional camera running. You know…the type that can break down the shot into milliseconds as if watching in instant replay of a close call in sports. Unbelievable.


That’s what we call a crap shoot!

Quick thinking photographer Christy Grant came to the rescue with a nappy and placed it over Ted’s rear end to try to sop up the rest. Heavy cottons are not what you normally aim for in portrait photography, but you might need them when your subject is a naked poop machine only a few weeks old.