Lie detector expert claims you might as well flip a coin to tell if somebody’s lying.

The polygraph test was invented 100 years ago, the technology hasn’t changed since then. It measures the body’s fight or flight response. However, lie detector expert, Doug Williams (who used to give these tests for the federal government) claims that it’s easy to fake these responses, just by visualising a car crash or falling off a cliff. You body still responds to your thoughts, which throws the test.

For 40 years, Williams had taught people how to pass this test in an attempt to make polygraph tests redundant.

Williams claims $150,000,000 are spent by the US government every year on these tests. He calls for the tests to be scrapped as they’re a waste of government money and their accuracy is only 50%

Williams claimed the lie detectors tests make people more likely to confess a crime, but only because they (wrongly) believe the test is going to ‘find them out’.

Williams has written books and gives classes to help people understand how to trow the test. As a result he is under federal investigation and looking at 100 years in prison.

Now I’m wondering about all the episodes of Jeremy Kyle I’ve seen…