Poachers Hunt Animals. This Woman Hunts The Poachers.

Source – Facebook

The poaching of endangered animals such as rhino and elephants in Africa is still a very real problem. These poachers can make a fortune trading the tusks and horns from these magnificent animals. In recent times Rhino Horn has shot up in price and now commands the same price per kilo as gold.

These poachers need to be stopped before they make these wonderful animals extinct. Step in Kinessa Johnson.

Kinessa is a US Army Veteran who served in Vietnam. as a weapons instructor and diesel mechanic. She is now an anti-poaching advisor with “Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife” or VETPAW.

Source - 9news
Source – 9news

The goals of VETPAW are to provide meaningful employment to skilled post-9/11 US veterans and conserve critically endangered African species and their communities and ecosystems.

As VETPAW is a non profit organisation relying on donations to keep going, Kinessa took to social media to spread the awareness of this awesome cause. Now, more than 44,000 followers watch her progress via Instagram and Facebook.

Kinessa recently started a discussion on the Reddit ‘IamA…’ Q&A forum and the interest exploded with hundreds of people asking her questions.


Looking at some of the questions, she has clearly caught the eye of lots of admiring men.


Unfortunately for all these guys, she is spoken for so they just had to settle for admiring the work she does.


She risks her life every day saving the lives of these wonderful animals and as you can see below, she takes her work very seriously.

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You can find out more about VETPAW on their website and if you want to see more of Kinessa, you can follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

Also some of the awesome modelling photos in this post are featured on the Facebook page of Photographer David Thorson

We give a big thumbs up to Kinessa and VETPAW. Great work.