You can eat till you drop at the Heart Attack Grill

Credit: Heart Attack Grill via Facebook

A restaurant where staff are dressed as nurses and the diners are referred to as patients, it’s Vegas’ own Heart Attack Grill. Here ‘patients’ are encouraged to order the biggest, unhealthiest items on he menu. Mega burgers and hot dogs, all washed down with wine-filled syringes and cocktails from IV bags. Only in Vegas.

When in Vegas, embrace the culture

Credit: r/funny via Reddit

Vegas is Sin City and no one understands that more than local businesses. Take Lee’s Discount Liquor. They have quirky billboards all around Las Vegas promoting the store in a very unique Vegas way. They face the Vegas drinking and party culture head on with slogans such as ‘Wine: How classy people get drunk’.

Fashion goes out the window on the strip

Taking a walk down the Vegas strip will undoubtedly reveal a few strange fashion choices. While some of the classier establishments may require a dress code, the majority of Vegas is come as you are. Take this bunch of friends, probably out for a bachelor party. What seemed like a funny idea at the time surely wore thin by the night’s end.

Pay homage to your bacon god

Credit: r/funny via Reddit

With estimates putting the number of churches in Las Vegas at 500, there are plenty of places to repent for your sins committed on the strip. Consider giving the United Church of Bacon a go. They claim bacon is real, which it is, and they are a proud member of the Las Vegas Coalition of Reason. That has to count for something, right?

Find love with a creepy cupid

Credit: r/funny via Reddit

Vegas street sellers are a thing. And at times, an annoying thing. Selling anything from enchanted beads to ‘personal services’, the sellers are as much a part of the strip as the casinos. What the creepy cupid here is selling, though, looks to be that raw, terrifying opportunity of love. Decide for yourself what’s worse; the underpants or the fanny pack.

Celeb spotting like nowhere else

Credit: r/funny via Reddit

The Vegas strip is full of celebrities, ready and happy to take pictures with tourists. Who can really say that this isn’t really Marilyn Monroe, deep in conversation with a half-naked, thong-wearing gentleman? OK, maybe it’s not the real Marilyn but it is Vegas, so who knows?

This is what happens when Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas

Credit: r/funny via Reddit

The consequences of Vegas can range from a bad hangover to a literal baby. This poor guy is now an internet meme, forever remembered as the ‘what happened in Vegas’ baby. Maybe when they grow up they can cash in on this somehow, maybe sell t-shirts on the strip with this image on them.

A good, clean wrestling match

Credit: r/pics via Reddit

The health-conscious ladies of Vegas really thought of everything post-pandemic. At least this explains why so many places had shortages of hand sanitiser. However this wrestling match ended, at least it was a clean fight and, as a bonus, patrons probably didn’t need much to drink to feel a buzz – the fumes alone must have been toxic.

The tragedy of Vegas’ mole people

While millions of dollars make their way through Las Vegas casinos every day, just feet below them, the mole people of Vegas can be found. Living in the flood defence tunnels underneath the famous strip, thousands of homeless people call this place home. Drug use and gambling addiction have forced many locals down here and it’s a sight the authorities don’t want tourists to see.

Every night is fight night in Vegas

Not content with hosting some of the world’s biggest boxing matches, with bachelor parties, gambling and late night drinking, Vegas has the perfect mix for bar fights. Tourists tell tales of there being no-go areas of Vegas, and it’s clear here to see why. Too much of anything, be it gambling or drinking, is never a good thing.