Many of us are truly obsessed with our cars. Some spend hours cleaning, waxing and supping up our vehicles. However, this love of machinery doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t show love for furry friends.

Allegedly based on reports from Chongping, China a man who was caught on camera kicked a dog like he was scoring a field goal at the super bowl. Most people would have tried to scare or lure away a dog from them or their possessions. Though witnesses took other evidence of this animal abuse. Although it is commonly known that China is not necessarily the model of animal rights protectors it is still painful to see. Though this story has a… we will say vengeful ending. Dogs in the area came and chewed the fenders on the kicker’s car, per the photos below.

This lucky neighbor got to watch the whole thing.

These canines have some amazing teeth that even allowed them to chew up the windshield wipers.

This guy who kicked these stray dogs will know that he got what was coming to him.

The dogs even had a look out while they got the job done.