With Halloween on the way, costume and make-up concepts are easily the topic of conversation. After all, no one wants to show up to a party wearing some out-of-the-bag costume, right? Nineteen year-old Japanese art student Chooo-San may have just the solution that would without a doubt make you the life of the party. Chooo-San is quickly becoming a legend as photos of her creations continue to circle the Internet.

Using acrylic paint and her talent, Chooo-San easily transforms bodies (including her own) into another creature like a mutant or a cyborg. Additional eyes, mouths and metallic parts like zippers on her skin are just a few highlights of her talent. If we didn’t know what a human body should look like, one might easily be convinced.

As is common with a lot of artists, what started as simple doodles, albeit on her arms, has grown to become a worldwide sensation. While attempting to procrastinate her studies, the simple distraction of doodling has now grown into viral exhibits. She might not have received an ‘A’ grade in her class, but it sure is turning many more heads than just that of a professor.



Additional Art by Chooo-San