This is the story of a rich man that decided to buy a water tower. When you have loads of money, normal houses or apartments are clearly a little boring so you need to get a little creative.

That is exactly what this man did when he bough this building.


This 100ft water tower is situated in a little Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel and was originally built between around 1941.


The building stood for years untouched until the inspiration of Patrick Mets cam to the rescue. He hired an architect named Bham Design Studio to convert the tower into this amazing family home.


I think you will agree that the level of detail they have gone to in designing the renovation is simply incredible.


It is all quite minimal but at the same time finished to the highest standards.


This is the living area.


Even the cat has a cool place to live with the entrance being cut in the shape of a cats head.


The 2 spiral stair cases meet at the bottom to join the luxurious wooden floor.


I would love to try that shower out for myself.


They finished the tower with these lights so it looks as incredible at night as it does in the daytime.


Although I cant actually imagine living in a place like this, it is still worth sharing.