Social networks generate profits hand-over-fist from its users – so how can users make money from the networks? We have an idea.


Ever feel guilty about using Facebook when you should be making better use of your time?

It’s time to stop feeling guilty – your time might be a little more productive than you thought.

Introducing Tsu, a new social network that operates similarly to Google+, Twitter or Facebook. The only real difference is that rather than companies racking up all the profits, Tsu redirects them back to you.

Facebook earns the big ones by charging marketers to show advertisements to users.

But Tsu has a different model based on sending the profits back to its users. Can I hear a cha-ching?

How does this Actually Work? It’s simple.


According to Tsu, 90% of its revenue is poured back into the pockets of users. That means that every time you provide an update, or upload a photo to share, or visit someone’s profile, you can earn cash.

So the dream about surfing the web all day and getting paid for it isn’t that far off…

How much can I actually earn?

It’s easy to work that out.

Tsu’s press pack includes optimistic forecasts for how much a user can expect to earn – approximately $23.30 each day.

It might not be enough for that cruise around the world, but it sure covers meals each day.


Who’s not up for making more money? And especially doing what you already do on your own now without getting paid, right? But here’s the even better part – by empowering its users, Tsu wants to challenge Facebook.

So let’s walk through that scenario and assume for a moment that Tsu grew to the size Facebook is now (over 1 billion users).


On average, a Facebook user is worth about $1.95 in revenue per month (estimated from the first quarter of 2014). Per week, that’s about $0.50.

A Tsu user would be taking home 90% that – so $0.45 per week.

Can you live on $0.45 per week? Of course not.

But here’s the point – social networks making loads of cash off your content every day. Fat cats are lounging on their yachts half-way around the world and you are stuck at your computer.

Tsu can’t give each of us a yacht – but if we give them a chance, they can give something back to us.

Their website states, “2 billion of you create social content and get nothing for it. It’s your content, your audience and you should own it.


Sebastian Sobczak, site founder, says, “The markets we participate in are enormous, growing and can materially compensate each user — we’re simply and uniquely rewarding the users who are doing all the work. This is the way the world should work.”

How do I sign up?

Link to Tsu: