Anxiety and Love may seem like very opposite experiences but they can be more closely linked than you know.

I recently got engaged to the love of my life. I wake up every night thinking my finance has died in his sleep next to me. And my heart stops for a moment until I hear him breathe. Even in my SLEEP I’m scared to lose him.


Anxiety is a terrible feeling that can consume a person. It’s the feeling of worry. But of a very dark kind of worry. Worry that can lead to panic. A feeling that can get so strong and so dark that you can physically feel pain and even believe it’s killing you.

Anxiety comes from worry, but where does worry come from?

Worry comes from Love and Happiness.

If you experience anxiety often then you have something in your life that you love and makes you happy. The anxiety you feel is the worry that that thing will be taken away from you. Worry is a mechanism we have to protect ourselves. And it’s usually a good thing, a way to consider all possibilities in order to stay safe. To have an action plan to put in place whenever necessary. If you suffer from anxiety, it’s because you are trying to protect yourself from losing the thing you love that makes you happy.


The problem is, although it may logically make sense to you, to be prepared for a worst case scenario, you cannot live a full life whilst you’re worrying. You have to stop considering all the terrible things that could happen and be grateful for what you have right now, this second. Think about how lucky/happy you are right NOW. Stop thinking about down the line if things fall apart.

In the battle between love and anxiety, anxiety WILL win. It will end up either convincing you not love properly or destroying you and your relationship.

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