Just like in the movie Final Destination, sometimes you just know what’s going to happen next. The following images were taken just seconds before disaster strikes and the results are painful to even think about!


1. The ass collision

This young mom has got some great moves, but when she accidentally knocks a small child over with her butt, she know’s she needs to save those moves for outside of the house.


Via momlyfe.tumblr.com

2. Wipeout

This guy has too much acceleration on his way down the water slide. As she slips over the edge and slaps on to his back, although it’s funny to watch, we can feel his pain!


Via gifsplosion.com

3. The coke + mentos experiment gone wrong

The camera man gets a different angle than he expected. However, at least his camera survived,


Via nukethesun.tumblr.com

4. Hot head

BFF’s can go through a lot together but when you finally realise your pal has lit your hair on fire, the bromance is over.


Via wifflegif.com

5. Laws of physics

It’s all fun and games on the airbed, until someone gets hurt.


Via bordom.net

6. Mr Cool.

When the chains up, you need to find another way in. This guy thinks he’s pretty smooth just hopping over the barrier. But anyone watching can tell exactly what’s about to happen here.


Via mememaster.tumblr.com

7. A fun game for a rainy day

Put yourself in a plastic box, get a friend to put the lid on, when it’s sealed, get her to throw the box down the stairs.


Via pbh2.com

8. Dance routine gone painfully wrong.

But how could she have misjudged that distance??


Via mememaster.tumblr.com

9. The Barbie jump

Everybody knows you’re asking for trouble if you try to jump over a hot BBQ.


Via gifbin.com

10. The running flop

This move could have been cool, very cool. But instead he ends up lying on his back in major pain feeling like a loser.


Via funnyasduck.net

11. Father of the year award goes to this guy…

What kid wouldn’t want to be spun around so fast that they actually take off! Me next!


Via mashable.com

12. One simple photograph shows one simple challenge.

Can this kid make it out of his bedroom injury free? We doubt it.


Via donniezombie.tumblr.com

13. Swing thing

We’ve all feared it but now we know it was worth worrying about. DON’T go to high on the swing!


Via flaming-cunts.tumblr.com

14. Blow, blow, blow…..

Just one more breath and this guy’s going to be suffering from PTS and shell shock.


Via lydisweet7.tumblr.com

15. Risky selfie

It’s one thing posing for a risky selfie in privacy but when you realise your own mother is watching you… things get excruciatingly cringey!


Via goodfellasmagazine.com

16.This one is probably 30 seconds off the disaster.

There comes and age (or a weight) where you can no longer play on a childs swing.


Via ikilledjennirivera.tumblr.com

17. Ooouuuch!


Via dumpaday.com

18. Why on earth does this guy think he can make that jump?

I can guarantee right now, he doesn’t.


Via dumpaday.com