37 Times When One Little Grammar Error Ruined EVERYTHING

These are the times when you wish you concentrated in English class and had just a little more Focus. Period.

1. When Anger Management Turns Grotesque


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2. When S*x Is Only For The Skinny

 3.  When You Can Only Relieve Yourself As An Old Handicapped Pregnant Child

4. When Stealing Opens Doors to An Unexpected World Of Possibilities

 5. When Magazines Revealed The Secret Recipe Behind The Rachel Ray Show

6. When Learning  Homophones Was Worth Staying Up For Class For

7. When Menus Offered The Best Ape Breasts in Town

8.When Stupidity Is Blissful

9. When Homecoming Gets Even More Awkward

10. When An Educated Tattoo Artist Can Resuce You From Making A Big Mistake