You need to remember the list you made of what you want in a man. If you haven’t got that list, read here first.

Men have the same list too. The list for you and me is on paper now, but lots of peoples list is still in their head. It’s subconscious so they don’t realise they even have one. But everyone does have one and that list doesn’t change. If you want to get a man interested in you, you have to be open to the fact that there is a chance you’re just not everything on his list. So what if you’re a good looking blonde who’s in good shape, you’re smart and your funny? The man of interest might want a brunette who’s funny and likes to cook and doesn’t pay too much attention to her figure… Who knows what his criteria is. As long as you always remember he will have a list of what he wants and it won’t change. Not for anyone.


However, in my experience men are pretty simple and their list probably won’t be as long as ours. If you want to get this man’s attention you might just contact him, email, text, Facebook or walk right up to him and say ‘Hi’. By the way don’t ever POKE someone on Facebook. That’s ridiculous. It can take some confidence to do this. And it’s not for everyone.

If you’re like me, you want the man to make the move. I certainly didn’t want to get into a relationship with a man that I had to chase after. I’m far cooler than that.

So is there a secret move that we can do to get a man to make a move? The answer is, we only have to look at him. Make eye contact at a bar, like a Facebook status, view their dating profile. If a man notices you glance his way and you’re on his list, he’s going to make contact. IF he has low confidence you might want to repeat the secret move up to 3 times over a period of a month. If you have no success then you’re not this man criteria and it’s time to move on and find another man that fits in with your list.


But is glancing enough?! Does it even show him anything about you?! It’s not all about looks! Right?

Sorry my friend, that answer to your question is, I’m afraid it is all about looks. It’s natural that we are physically attracted to other people. The first encounter you have with another human is by seeing them, maybe smelling them, but usually seeing them. It’s just nature and you like what you like. That’s the way it is. If you sometimes beat yourself up a bit cos you don’t think your hot enough to catch anyone’s eye, the reality is you’re probably being way too hard on yourself and you need to do a little self-esteem work.

It annoys me when men make out is not just looks that gets their attention. What they’re saying does have some truth though. The only other thing they notice is… body language. I don’t know why it frustrates me so much that all men seem to want a confident woman. Maybe it’s because I’ve know how it feels to not be so confident and to pretend to be confident when you’re not can be a little cringey! But men do look for confidence and it’s show in your body language. When you’re out and about just check yourself. Are you showing confidence? If not that’s FINE. Because when men say they’re looking for confidence they don’t mean a loud woman in a skirt that’s too tight who is over the top sociable.

What a man really wants is not confidence, it’s; not, not confident. If your body language is just that of a normal woman, that’s fine. In fact, that’s right! What a man doesn’t want to see is a hunched up girl who can’t make contact and goes red when anyone looks at her. I don’t want to see that either.

So put a reminder in your phone over the next couple of days to flash up at a random time that says body language check. This will catch you off guard and give you a good chance to see what your body is telling people.


P.S. Little tricks like the one below don’t work!

attention seeker racoon