This is Frankie, a cute little black chihuahua who had a bit of a tough start in life, living most of it in the confines of a smelly sewer system. That is until one day when a ray of light came his way.

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Frankie was living in a filthy sewer, totally terrified and unhappy


The rescue of this little guy was organised by a California charity called Hope For Paws. They got a call from a concerned member of the public reporting how worried they were about the filth Frankie was living in and calling home. Frankie was soon rescued by Hope For Paws where they quickly got him cleaned up, fed and eventually met his new best friend Miley.

Miley is an old and wise dog that instantly saw how ill and unhappy Frankie was. Miley took Frankie under her wing and helped nurse the little guy back to full health. They have now both found a forever home together and are happy dogs living the kind of life they deserve.

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