I would like to tell you the story of a boy who became an instant hero after saving a little girl one day. The boy’s name is Temar Boggs and the little girl may quite possibly owe him her life. Her name is Jocelyn Rojas and at the time of the incident she was just 5 years old.

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Temar Boggs

While out riding his bike with a friend, Temar heard news that a little girl from his town had gone missing. The whole town was searching for her, including the police but nobody had any idea where she was.

Instead of ignoring the issue and letting the police find the girl, Temar had a feeling in his stomach that it was his duty to find the girl. He jumped on his bike and started searching. Eventually Temar saw a suspicious looking car which he in turn followed on his bike. After chasing the car for 15 minutes up and down local streets, the driver of the car eventually stopped and let the girl out.

Temar picked up the girl and carried her back home to her parents and the safety of the police.

What a genuine hero this boy is.

Source – Reddit