Denzel Washington

Credit: denzelwashington.official via Instagram

It’s hard to believe that Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington is in his late 60s, especially given what good shape he is in. The actor keeps himself in such good condition thanks to a strict regiment of a high protein diet and portion control. Washington chose to follow a vegetarian diet in 2013, but allows himself cheat days. For exercise, he favors boxing and interval training.

Jason Statham

The Fast and Furious star defies his age in his action movie roles, showcasing his surprising speed and agility for a man in the latter half of his 50s. An accomplished swimmer in his youth, he represented England in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in the diving category. These days, Statham stays in shape thanks to a combination of martial arts and workout routines.

Patrick Stewart

Photo: Gage Skidmore via Flickr

Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart, is in tremendous shape for someone in their 80s. The actor’s insanely good conditioning came to light thanks to Stewart’s own Facebook post in 2015. Rocking chiselled abs and looking half his age, Stewart’s intent for the post was apparently to show off his pink shorts, not his body. His secret? According to Stewart, push-ups.

Gordan Ramsay

Credit: The Muppets via Wikimedia Commons

Boasting an incredible 17 Michelin stars, Ramsay has in the past been told by colleagues that he is too fit to be a chef. Mid-50s Ramsay shows that you can be around delicious food all day and still stay in top shape. He tries to eat as healthily as he can and pushes his cardio to its limits by competing in marathon races. He has completed over 15 to date.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe just doesn’t seem to age. The perks of a Hollywood lifestyle aside, Lowe stays in shape in his 50s thanks to recreational sports such as surfing and tennis. He claims he needs to work-out on set every day that he’s filming and praises this practice for not only helping him physically, but also mentally.

Jon Bon Jovi

Credit: @jonbonjovi via Twitter

Celebrating his 60th birthday in 2022, the rockstar front man certainly has an advantage over most as he has to perform his hard-hitting, adrenaline-fuelled concerts around the world on a regular basis. Bon Jovi, however, attributes his great shape to a combination of running every day for at least an hour and a passion he only recently discovered, yoga.

Brad Pitt

Credit: DoD News Features via Wikimedia Commons

Maintaining the heartthrob look well into your 50s is tough, but if anyone can do it, it’s Brad Pitt. Pitt still engages in 90-minute daily workouts, and maintains a diet that includes salmon, walnuts, chia seeds, regular hydration and supplements. In a practice only his Hollywood status can afford, he has collagen smoothies, and periodic IV vitamin infusion.

Lenny Kravitz

Credit: fffriendly via Wikimedia Commons

Well into his 50s, Lenny Kravitz still impresses every time he steps on stage. His washboard stomach and strong biceps defy a man of his age, but the legendary rocker has a few tricks up his sleeve. Eating an organic diet and occasionally favoring only raw foods has kept the weight off. In terms of losing weight, Kravitz never travels without a jump rope and breaks it out at every opportunity.

Tom Cruise

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A man who seems to have maintained the exact same body shape his entire career, Tom Cruise is a freak of nature. Renowned for performing his own stunts, Cruise, now in his 60s, is an advocate of HIIT, high intensity interval training. Of course, his status as a Hollywood A-lister means Cruise has the luxury of a travelling gym following him wherever he goes, so he never misses a session.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

It’s inevitable that Arnie has to be highlighted given the man’s enduring impressive shape. Even in his mid-70s, Arnie knows that maintaining his body takes as much work as it did in building it. Unsurprisingly, the Terminator star relies on heavy weight training with some cycling thrown in for good cardio.