Detective Jack Mook is your all American hard mad detective come boxing fan. In his private life he was living alone as a bachelor enjoying the work / boxing gym balance. That is until he met these two brothers. They used to come into his gym and train regularly, learning to box just like Jack.

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One day however the boys didn’t show for boxing training. They then didn’t show for days and weeks. Jack got worried about the brothers and his soft side suddenly came out.

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After pulling a few strings, Jack managed to track the boys down to their foster home. It turned out the reason the boys were not coming to the gym was because they were being abused by their foster parents.

After stepping in and taking the boys away from the foster home, Jack found them a new home… His place.

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Jack fostered the brothers and eventually adopted them to join the Mook clan. It is so nice to see such a butch man show his soft side.

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You can watch the full wonderful story below.